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Selena Gomez Sends Love To Taylor Swift’s New Album Evermore

Selena Gomez is this kind of supportive pal! She lately shared a image of her longtime BFF Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Evermore’, and we’re captivated with their friendship.

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez has thrown her help in the back of pal Taylor Swift after the singer dropped her 9th studio album titled Evermore. The former Disney Channel big name took to her Instagram Story after the marvel album became released, reposting a image of the cover, together with a pink love heart.

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Not handiest has Selena been a large supporter of Taylor’s track for over a decade, however enthusiasts thinks one of the tracks on Evermore may absolutely be stimulated via way of means of her!

📲 IG | @selenagomez thru Instagram tale #evermorealbum

— Taylor Swift News (@TSwiftNZ) December 12, 2020

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Taylor made it clean that the songs on both Folklore and Evermore had been not autobiographical, but she discovered she became stimulated via way of means of memories she’s heard and films she’s seen. Thus, fans are drawing parallels among Selena and the brand new track “Dorothea”, consisting of the truth that The Wizard of Oz, approximately a woman named Dorothy,

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is one of Selena‘s favored films, and that she performed a individual of the identical call in The Fundamentals of Caring. Taylor croons, “You were given vibrant pals because you left town,” that may reference Selena’s Texas hometown.

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She additionally sings, “a tiny screen’s the handiest location I see you now.” The tune is going directly to word that Dorothea is “a queen promoting dreams, make-up and magazines.” Fans could realize, Selena lately released her Rare Beauty make-up line and has graced many mag covers. Further, Taylor sings approximately Dorothea’s “mother and her competition schemes” which suits in with the Selena concept given she did splendor pageants while she became a kid.


Selena Gomez has proven a few like to Taylor Swift’s new album. Image: AP Images
There’s additionally a concept that “Dorothea” can be related to the tale of the teenage love triangle instructed via the Folklore songs “August,” “Betty,” and “Cardigan.” Taylor later discovered, “In my mind, Dorothea went to the identical faculty as Betty James and Inez.” If there’s one issue we realize approximately Taylor, it’s that she by no means does some thing via way of means of accident, and occasionally waits years to verify fan theories. On Evermore, she collaborated with William Bowery, handiest lately revealing that William Bowery is a pseudonym for her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. On this album, he co-wrote “Champagne Problems,” “Evermore” and “Coney Island.”

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