Seeing 1,000 brilliant fin whales on the verge of extinction is a rare light of hope.Philip Hoare


GFood news won’t be your face anymore.1000 fin whales, one of the largest animals in the world Seen last week I am swimming in the same sea that was endangered in the last century due to whaling. It’s like humans never happened.

This vast rally spread over a five-mile-wide area between the South Orkney Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. One whale is amazing. Imagine their foggy spout forest as high as a pine tree, the plosives of their blows, and their hot breath condensing in the icy air. Their sharp dorsal fins and gray steel bodies slide the waves like a whale ballet choreographed at the southernmost tip of our planet.

The spectacle slackens whale scientists and, frankly, is the envy of them. Connor Ryan, I observed it from the polar cruiser National Geographic Endurance. In a tricky connection and a message from the ship, experienced zoologist and photographer Ryan states that this could be “one of the largest collections of fin whales ever recorded.” increase. He says his estimated 1,000 are modest.

“We were about 15 miles north of Coronation Island,” Ryan reports, “four large krill fishing vessels are working in the same area.” The existence of the ship reveals the reason for this party. The whales were feeding on a large scale and sucking up many small shrimp.

Fin whales are surprisingly thin and winding creatures that appear to swim past for a long time when viewed underwater. Like blue, humpback whales, and minke whales, they are baleen whales, distinguished by a horny plate that filters food instead of teeth. Unlike sperm whales and killer whales, they are not usually considered social animals.At Moby-Dick Herman Melville Classify The fin whale is “not crowded … very shy. Always lonely … exiled from his race and unconquered Cain.”

Taking into account the huge size of the blue whale, 33m, slightly shorter, up to 27m, you can understand the incredible strength of this marine eruption.

So is that really good news?At least 2 million whales in this same ocean Slaughtered in the last century.. Fin whales are known to be able to live for up to 140 years, so the influence of their culling is still felt in their culture. Our assumption that fin whales are not “social” animals may actually stem from the fact that fin whales have modified their behavior to avoid whalers. Sperm whales in the 19th century.. Scientists suspect that baleen whales may have learned not to gather in large groups to stay one step ahead of the hunters.Only now, maybe they Return to the old feeding ground..

Ryan is happy to call himself a “whale nerd”. He and his best friend, Peter Wilson, were only 14 years old when they published their first publication. Peer-reviewed scientific paper About the killer whale in 2001. When he got home from this trip, he would have written another dissertation. Despite 20 years of experience at sea, Ryan has never seen anything like this. “Words make me fail,” he says. “I’ve probably seen 100 fins here in the last few years. Thousands of chinstrap penguins, shearwaters, albatrosses … the weather was unusually mild,” he adds.

If we think Ryan is blessing himself, we should.Whale still Face many threats, Mainly from us.And we should remember that Protest that saved the whale New police and crime bills in the 1970s and 80s will be outlawed Pass the law.. In a world constrained by misery and threats to democracy (it’s a good job not to apply for the right to gather whales), 1,000 fin whales have to lift our hearts. They may convince us that, as another species of (probably) perceptual mammals, we still have a chance to overcome “all this”. As long as we stick together and send some spouts of our own protest.

Seeing 1,000 brilliant fin whales on the verge of extinction is a rare light of hope.Philip Hoare

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