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Honolulu (Stacker) — Few announcements have rocked the automotive industry as much as General Motors’ one-two punch. Notification of intent By 2035, it will exclusively produce electric vehicles, and Ford Motor Company will invest $ 30 billion in electric vehicle development. The latter has so far brought about the release of the all-electric F-150 and the two best-selling models of the automaker, the Mustang. Of course, other automakers such as Chevrolet, Volvo, Porsche, Mazda and Mercedes-Benz are also entering the EV pool, and Tesla seems to have set the gold standard for electric vehicle development and marketing.

Co-pilot Each state (and Washington, DC) is ranked by the number of registered EVs as a percentage of the total number of registered private and commercial vehicles. Ministry of Energy When Transport Statistics Bureau.. The relationship was broken at the 1/1000 percent level, but it’s not shown for brevity. Data on charging stations and charging ports Alternative fuel station Report published by BTS. The US Department of Energy also Live map Of all AFS locations across the country. Keep in mind that the number of ports per 100 EV is not necessarily inversely proportional to the total number of EVs in a particular state, but inversely proportional to the number of highway miles. Run through the state Or the established “Alternative fuel corridor.. “

Elon Musk’s multi-billion dollar Tesla “experiment” definitely required the automotive industry to rethink its public desire for EVs, but it could permanently change the country’s approach to car travel. Is a precursor to major companies.The industry was dismissed just 30 years ago Investing in electric vehicles They wouldn’t ask for something more expensive, as if it were an allowance given to an unruly child.

among them December 2021 Sales ReportFord showed that total EV sales increased 121.1% year-on-year. Not only does this record the highest EV sales ever for the company, but it also shows growth 36% faster than the entire segment. In short, Ford, the largest car maker in the United States, has already begun to dominate this sector. The Mustang Mach-E is the second-largest EV in total sales after the Tesla Model Y, and the F-150 remains the best-selling truck in the United States (for over 40 years). To order the F-150 Lightning EV Significantly exceeded expectations..Ford doesn’t just anticipate 40% of total sales It will be electric by 2030, but recently Invested deeply In both manufacturing and battery manufacturing and recycling. It is clear that there is an irreversible revolution in car manufacturing and ownership.

Keep reading to find out about the adoption of electric vehicles at the head of the forest or check out the national list Here..

Hawaii in numbers

– Percentage of registered electric vehicles: 0.86%
– Total number of registered electric vehicles: 10,670 (# 20 overall)
– Number of charging stations across the state: 385 (# 27 overall)
– Number of charging ports per 100 EV: 7.8 (# 50 overall)

On a wider scale, EV sales worldwide In 2021, it reached 6.6 million, more than triple the previous year. This number is impressive, but it’s a staggering number considering that only about 130,000 EVs were sold worldwide in 2012. Currently, there are an estimated 16 million EVs on the road, and if sales trends grow as expected, that number will be even greater. Then, of course, the other side of the equation is a decline in gas vehicle sales.

With the expansion of ownership of electric vehicles, the need for a nationwide network of charging stations that enable cross-country travel has emerged. At best, the current EV (Lucid Air Dream Edition) can travel up to 520 miles on a single charge, but it also comes with a $ 170,000 price tag. The Tesla Model S, One of the most popular EVs on the market, is capable of charging 400 miles. This is not an easy task. But without the right kind of charging infrastructure, you can’t get to the East Coast vacation spots from the Rocky Mountains. It goes without saying that this can be achieved across a vast state like Texas. The most popular truck It is F-150).

In December 2021 Action planBiden-The Harris administration said, ” [the country] Follow the path to a convenient and equitable network of 500,000 chargers, making EVs accessible to all Americans on both local and long-distance trips. This strategy is available through a $ 5 billion investment in the national EV charging network and an additional 2.5 billion grants to secure the state’s ability to support rural charging and charging access in underprivileged communities. Includes dollars.

Read on to see which states have the most and few electric vehicles.

The state with the most electric vehicles

# 1.California: 1.43% of registered vehicles are electric
# 2.Hawaii: 0.86% of registered vehicles are electric vehicles
# 3.Washington DC: 0.74% of registered vehicles are electric vehicles

The state with the fewest electric cars

# 1.North Dakota: 0.02% of registered vehicles are electric vehicles
# 2.South Dakota: 0.03% of registered vehicles are electric vehicles
# 3.West Virginia: 0.04% of registered vehicles are electric vehicles

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