Seattle socialist Kusham Sawant retains seat in city council after scallop | Seattle


Seattle socialist Kusama Sawant has largely avoided being expelled from the city council’s seats following the widespread recall.

By Friday afternoon, just over 41,000 votes were counted and there were no 310-leading recalls. It is possible to request a recount, but it is unlikely.

“Our overcoming it in this epic way is not only in our campaigns, socialist alternatives, the organizational strength of the average worker, but also in the political ideas that underpin this victory. It really affects, “said Swanto, the guardian of Friday.

The recall of Swanto, who became the first socialist of the Seattle Council in almost a century after defeating the Democratic Party in 2013 for 16 years, was seen as a progressive victory and a rejection of large corporations. Was there.

The recall attempt One of the hundreds in the United States This year, we have dealt with covid19 and racial conflicts. September, Governor of California Gavin Newsom, Democratic Party, Broke the recall bid..

However, with a significant subsection of the residents of the Sawant district voting to remove her, the results also revealed how many polarized figures she left behind.

The recall effort also opened the city hall to demonstrators during the protest, ignored Covid-19 restrictions, used city resources for the “Tax Amazon” initiative, and protected the address. Nonetheless, it was based on allegations of marching to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s house. Under the State Confidentiality Act.

The Kusama solidarity campaign pushed back the prosecution, and Mr. Swanto said the recall was rather “attempting to redo the 2019 election results that big companies didn’t like.”

She added: “In fact, in the case of the right wing, if this recall allows a large company to win. [then] They were only bolded to follow progressive moves both in Seattle and across the country. “

Elections have attracted public attention, both sides have seen significant financial contributions, some from distant states.

According to the Seattle Ethics and Election Commission, two groups that support recalls, Recall Sawant and ABetter Seattle, have raised a combined $ 1 million, while the Kshama Solidarity campaign has raised nearly $ 1 million.

Henry Bridger II, Campaign Manager and Chairman of Recall Sawant, said in a statement on Friday: A slash-and-burn politician who neglects accountability and divides the city. Sawant is supposed to represent all of us, not just those who agree with her. I hope she will be able to understand it in this election. “

Recall took the lead on the night of the election on December 7, but the next day there were more votes (Washington is running an email voting system, so it’s final. It may take a few days for the results to appear), and the non-recall side quickly took a small lead.

Eva Mets, 29, who lives in the Sawant district and works as a nursing assistant and restaurant host, said she is willing to volunteer to help the councilor because she works for the rights of the lessor. .. She said the vote was door-to-door and spent virtually the entire weekend before talking to voters from the street table.

“The goal was to actually walk around District 3 and not miss the campaign,” she said. “So I think we did the job pretty well.”

Sawant is currently in its third term and has helped raise Seattle’s minimum wage to $ 15 an hour. This is the first major city in the United States. It also helped to further secure the rights of the lessee while promoting the reduction of the city’s police budget.

But after seven years in office, some of her members are getting tired of seeing them talking more than the actual results.

Victoria Beach, 62, chairman of the Seattle Police Department’s African-American Community Advisory Board, said: “She isn’t doing anything. She just doesn’t like the way she works.”

The recall effort was initiated by Seattle residents within a year of Sawant’s decision to win her latest reelection in 2019, overtaking his opponent with unprecedented finances. Support from Amazon..

Seattle socialist Kusham Sawant retains seat in city council after scallop | Seattle

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