Searches continue for Gabby Petito and fiancé Brian Laundrie, who disappeared after returning home from road trip – Fresno, California


Fresno, California 2021-09-19 11:37:12 –

Law enforcement is working to find her fiancé Brian Laundry while local and federal agencies are searching for Gabby Petit in Rocky Mountain National Park. His family says he hasn’t been seen since Tuesday.

According to North Port police, the latest efforts to find laundry have moved to Florida’s nature reserves. There, dozens of police officers and FBI agents comb an area covering approximately 25,000 acres.

The investigation resumed on Sunday morning, Northport police said in a tweet, “after saying that my parents went here, I’m looking for something to watch.”

Northport police spokesman Josh Taylor told police on Saturday that Laundry’s family would leave home with their backpacks and go to the reserve on Tuesday.

According to law enforcement officials, 23-year-old Laundrie began investigating Petito’s disappearance on September 11, when her family reported her disappearance. Before she disappeared, 22-year-old Petito went on an expedition across several western states with Laundrie, leaving behind an online review of the campsites she visited.

Laundry returned to North Port, Florida on September 1 without petite, police said. Authorities later discovered a van the couple was traveling to at Laundry in North Port, a city in Sarasota County, about 80 miles south of Tampa, and at a home shared with his parents.

Former FBI agent Brad Garrett is searching for Gabby Petit, Brian Laundry:

Police visited the house after Petit was reported missing, but Laundry’s family refused to speak, Taylor said last week, instead giving authorities information for their lawyers. rice field.

The house was searched on Friday evening when Laundry’s family told police he hadn’t seen him for days. Laundry lawyer Stephen Bertolino said Friday that Laundry’s whereabouts are “currently unknown.”

In a short statement sent to CNN, Petite lawyer Richard Stafford said, “The whole Gabby family wants to let the world know that Brian isn’t missing. He hides. Gabby is missing. “

On Saturday, the FBI said the Petit search included a ground survey in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, in collaboration with the National Park Service and local governments.

“Because this is an active and ongoing investigation, law enforcement officers, equipment, vehicles, and related to them, to protect the safety of the public and the integrity of our work in these remote areas. We urge the public to stay away from the activity: “The FBI’s Denver field office said in a tweet on Saturday afternoon.

The FBI has released a poster of a missing person asking for help in Petito’s search.

See | Chopper floats above police searching for Brian Laundry in Carlton Reserve

Laundry search continues in “expansive” nature reserves

Police said Saturday night, five local agencies and 50 FBI law enforcement officers searched for laundry in the “expansive” Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County, Florida, before activity was suspended due to darkness. Was done.

“I couldn’t find anything. Efforts will begin again on Sunday morning,” Northport police said on Twitter.

Taylor said at a press conference at the search site on Saturday that the search activities included the use of drones and bloodhounds to scent using coin laundry clothing brought back from home. Police initially focused their search on a nearby park about 200 acres in size before expanding to the rest of the reserve.

Police believe the vehicle that Laundry was driving may have been in reserve, Taylor said, but was later returned to Laundry’s home.

According to Taylor, Laundry is putting “extreme pressure” on him to answer what’s going on.

“That’s a great question,” said Taylor, who was asked why the laundromat family didn’t tell police where he was until Friday.

Police bodycam video shows Gabby Petit, boyfriend after 911 call

“Since (the last) Saturday, we know in this case that we are clearly trying to contact our family for an answer,” Taylor said. “The first time we had a deep conversation with them (Friday) was when their lawyer called and said his family was worried about Brian’s whereabouts.”

According to a Friday statement by Northport Police, the disappearances of both Petit and Laundry continue to be characterized by law enforcement as “investigation of multiple missing persons.”

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Searches continue for Gabby Petito and fiancé Brian Laundrie, who disappeared after returning home from road trip Source link Searches continue for Gabby Petito and fiancé Brian Laundrie, who disappeared after returning home from road trip

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