Scott Patterson redoes in the “Gilmore Girls” scene


Think back.It’s been almost 5 years since then Scott patterson Finally stepped into the role of Luke Danes Gilmour Girls, He could Rethinking the role of his “I Am All In” summary podcast..

Following the success of his iHeartRadio podcast, 63-year-old from Pennsylvania Appeared in New York Comic Con Friday, October 8th, he has an avid fan Memories from his acting experience on the WB and Netflix series..Former baseball player also admitted We weekly There were many scenes that I would like to visit again if I had the opportunity.

“I’ve never seen a show,” Patterson said exclusively. We.. “My podcast features episodes that seem unfamiliar with my acting because it’s all about watching the show for the first time, so there were some of them.”

Scott Patterson will speak at “Coffee with Luke: A Conversation with Scott Patterson” at the New York Comic Con on October 8, 2021. Andrew H. Walker / Shutterstock

especially, I saw V The actor is with him Melissa McCarthy During the first season (playing Sookie St. James) Aired in 2000..

“I think I’m yelling at Sookie, God, she was invading my space, so it was almost hard to get out of the back of the counter,” said podcast host “I Am All In.” .. “I think it was a little too big. I think it’s a redone.”

He went on to say, “The character is bad … to me, I was like,” No, no, toned it down. “I think i did [try to tone it down] However [production] I kept encouraging me to go, and I seem to “feel this just a little”.I mean, I really tore her and then she sat down with Lorelei [played by Lauren Graham] Just a bit [kept talking].. Talking to such people in real life will affect them. “

Scott Patterson Wishes He Could Redo This Gilmore Girls Scene Inline

“Gilmore Girls” by Melissa McCarthy, Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham. CW

NS American aliens Alum is that “Another era at that time” But that type of interaction doesn’t work today.

“What should I say? Her skin was thick, but I couldn’t escape today.” Love at the Christmas table Actors have been added.

Patterson Recently reunited With my nephew on the original screen Milo Ventimiglia In the September episode of his podcast, the duo discussed their relationship and Even the secret of the spilled bomb show..

“It was Play these charactersJess was a punk kid who didn’t want to hear from anyone, “said 44. this is us The star said then. “Luke had lost his heart with this child who was saddled by his sister. Who you and I were could not have been the exact opposite of who Jess and Luke were. But with Jess Where Luke got to is close to who you and I were in the end [the] relationship. Jess grew up. Jess learned some lessons.. Luke was experiencing several things. It’s all fascinating. “

Gilmour Girls Originally, it ran for seven seasons from 2000 to 2007, prior to the resurrection of Netflix’s limited four-episode, which premiered in November 2016.

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Scott Patterson redoes in the “Gilmore Girls” scene

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