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    Scotland in talks with alliance to end oil and gas production

    Scotland is in talks with a European-controlled alliance that aims to end the production of oil and gas stolen by Britain, the host of the United Nations climate change negotiations in Glasgow.

    Denmark’s Climate Minister Dan Jørgensen spoke at COP26 and said he was in a “close dialogue” with Scotland, where most of Britain’s oil and gas are concentrated in the surrounding waters.

    This group was formed in September by Denmark and Costa Rica. Its members promise to suspend the issuance of exploration licenses and phase out oil production. On Thursday, we added six new members, including Ireland and Wales, France and Sweden, and increased the number of governments to 11.

    Britain has so far resisted the call by climate change activists to stop exploring oil and gas. Instead, business secretary Kwasi Kwaten said in March that he would apply a “climate compatibility” test to new oil and gas licenses to ensure “compatibility with broader climate goals.” ..

    At COP26, the UK has paid most attention to trying to stop using coal, the most polluted fossil fuel.

    UK offshore oil and gas licenses and regulations are reserved in Westminster. However, Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has called for a review of the UK government’s permit policy in recent months.

    While the offshore oil and gas industry continues to be a key employer in northeastern Scotland, Sturgeon has re-issued oil and gas licenses to the UK government, including controversial ones. I’m asking you to “evaluate.” Sumburgh field northwest of the Shetland Islands..

    Cambo-sponsored developers, private-equity-backed Siccar Point Energy and Royal Dutch Shell, filed for regulatory approval in June to promote the scheme, one of the largest underdeveloped areas in the UK waters.

    Since then, ending all new exploration and development in the North Sea has been at the heart of a fierce battle by environmental groups. The claims of the oil and gas group will increase Britain’s reliance on imports.

    Approximately half of Britain’s gas demand in 2020 was met by imports from countries such as Norway, Qatar, Russia and Nigeria.

    Sturgeon is a member of various categories on Thursday to confirm that Scotland is in a “lively discussion” to participate in BOGA and to determine “the most suitable for our situation” if it does. He said he was considering a ship.

    “For a country like Scotland with a long history and a large oil and gas sector, what we have to do is not a simple message … We move beyond oil and gas,” she said. Told the Press Association.

    It must be done in a way that “not just increases dependence on imported oil and gas, but decisively does not leave 100,000 people currently working on oil and gas in the economic scrap heap.” She said.

    However, Friends of the Earth Scotland criticized the sturgeon for not joining the alliance in time for COP26, giving her rhetoric a photo opportunity with teen activist Greta Thunberg. He said he did not reach a promise to stop oil and gas production.

    At the summit, EU Green Chief Frans Timmermans said the reference to the phasing out of coal and fossil fuel subsidies in the draft COP26 Agreement was “very important” to Brock.

    “That’s a very important point for us,” he said. “I would rather see fossil fuels phased out, but phasing out fossil fuel subsidies would already be a very good step forward.”

    Other fossil fuel-dependent countries, including Saudi Arabia, are calling for the removal of references.

    Earlier this year, the International Energy Agency said all new oil and gas exploration projects must be shut down this year to prevent global warming from reaching catastrophic levels.

    Additional report by Camilla Hodgson

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