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    School districts facing substitute teacher shortages – Tampa, Florida

    Tampa, Florida 2021-09-28 15:27:31 –

    Schools are struggling to find alternatives due to a national labor shortage. Due to the shortage, there is also a need for a missing substitute teacher. Currently, the school district offers several incentives to maintain staff numbers.

    Lacy Nelson, Director of Talent Acquisition at Denver Public Schools, said:

    School districts across the country are suffering from a decline in staff after teachers quit their jobs during a pandemic.

    According to a report by the National Education Association, 32% of teachers were considering leaving their profession because of a pandemic.

    According to the American Federation of Teachers, the number of substitute teachers is suffering as well.

    “As the pandemic continues this year, the shortage of submarines is greater than last year,” said Kevin Dipasquale of the American Federation of Teachers. “It creates the need for managers to step up to the plate and become a substitute teacher when there is no individual to cover for the student.”

    The demand for substitute teachers is increasing due to the surge in delta infections and the increase in full-time teachers who test positive for COVID.

    “Ideally, we have an active workforce of 500 guest teachers,” Nelson said.

    According to NEA, districts across the country are struggling to fill the list of substitute teachers. That’s why DPS, along with many other districts across the country, offers more incentives to get more substitute teachers, Nelson said.

    “CDE has been very helpful and last year we launched a new one-year alternative license for higher teachers without a bachelor’s degree,” Nelson said. “We have also raised the hourly wages for the school year. We have introduced a new level of licensed substitute teachers. Anyone with a valid education license will pay $ 25 per hour and $ 200 per day. Can be substituted. “

    DPS said there are about 500 guest teachers in the pre-pandemic district. As of today, the district reports that this year only 73% of vacant seats are filled with alternatives, compared to 93% last year.

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