Schizophrenia, bipolar I patients experience cognitive decline


(HealthDay)-Patients with schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder experience cognitive decline throughout adulthood, the nature of which decline depends on the disability and cognitive function. Schizophrenia Breaking News..

Dr. Jolanta Zanelli and colleagues at King’s College London examined general and specific cognitive function by comparing 64 patients with schizophrenia and 19 patients with bipolar I disorder to 103 controls. .. Participants were positively followed for up to 10 years after their first admission. Cognitive batteries were administered at baseline and follow-up.

Researchers have IQ, executive function, Visual memory, Language ability, And verbal knowledge was demonstrated by schizophrenic patients. These functional declines occurred at various ages. In the first episode, there was a deficit in language memory, working memory, processing speed, and visuospatial cognition. After that, these remained static. Decreased IQ, language knowledge, and language ability were also seen in patients with bipolar I, but at a different age than patients with schizophrenia, only language function. Decreased readings of language memory, processing speed, and executive function remained stable.

“Both common and unique pathophysiological mechanisms can underlie adult lifelong schizophrenia and bipolar I cognitive impairment,” the author writes. “Therefore, pharmacological and psychological repair efforts targeting individual cognitive functions at specific times may be most effective.”

The two authors have revealed an economic relationship with the pharmaceutical industry.

Cognitive Orthodontic Therapy Benefits Patients with Schizophrenia

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