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    Saweetie showcases “My Type” and “Best Friend” — Watch – Hollywood Life

    Saweetie has defeated the house with “SNL”! The “My Type” rapper performed dance moves and looked sensational when he first played a new song.

    Sweetie, 28, brought her energy Saturday night live debut! The rapper started with some of her biggest hits, including a jazz version of Bangor “My Type”. When she showed off her bright red hair in the November 20th episode, she was stunned by a Cinderella-style gown, giving us all the atmosphere of a 1920s showgirl. The performance was an unexpected turn from Saweetie, who did it effortlessly with two dancers.

    After that, she moved to “best friend” — collaboration with her. Doja Cat — This was a big hit in the summer! Her dancer stripped off her long blue skirt, revealing a mini dress with a dazzling bustier top and fishnet tights. Just as the beat was a hit, Saweetie didn’t miss a bar-style choreographed beat with slow writhing and plenty of twerking.

    Saweetie will play on “SNL”. (NBC)

    Knee from California Diamonte Harper, I’ve been teasing her new single “Icy Type” for a week. Saweetie featured a short audio clip that dropped the truck’s visual teaser one day before the performance and played back the spinning of the digitized snowflakes. “Twist that ass for a chain of ice,” she says in a chorus before addressing her lover in the first poem.It’s unclear if she means yuan Quavo, Who is he Dates from 2018 to early 2021..

    She returned for her second performance, dancing in front of a giant light display labeled “ICY.” She replaced her blue clothes with a strapless white bustier and a white miniskirt. She layered tons of diamond necklaces on top, bouncing along a catchy beat reminiscent of 90’s hip-hop.

    “My hair, money, bundling / spending rent head-on (yes) / complaints look at me humble,” she said, referring to the crocodyl’s “Birkin bag” and “mink.” I dropped it on my body.The catchy song Dr. Luke, Rocco did it again! & Lil aaron And set to appear on her 2022 album Pretty bitch music.. The project also includes the hit song “Best Friend”. Doja Cat, And featuring “Back to the Streets” Jhené Aiko..

    Earlier this week, Sweetie appeared with the host Simu Liu, 32, for a series of hilarious promotions.One turned out that the rapper was “engaged” with the cast members Kyle Mooney.. “Hello Kyle,” Saweetie bitterly said on stage. “Hello Saweetie,” he added. Cecily Strong To think about what is happening. “Do you both know each other?” As Kyle replied, she asked, “We … until she breaks our engagement!” Let’s talk about the drama!

    Saweetie showcases “My Type” and “Best Friend” — Watch – Hollywood Life

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