Saudi Arabia turns to Gulf states to replenish depleted air defences


Saudi Arabia has called on regional nations to help restock depleted interceptor missiles for a US-made Patriot air defense system as Yemeni rebels push rocket and drone attacks into the kingdom.

U.S. officials said the Biden administration came from the Gulf amid concerns that Riyadh’s patriots’ inventories could run out in “months” given the current rate of attacks on the kingdom by Houthi rebels. He said he supported the move to procure missiles. The United States needs to make the interceptor transfer a green light.

“It’s an urgent situation,” officials told the Financial Times. “There are other places available in the Gulf and we are working on it. It may be a faster option. [to US arms sales].. “

The two, who were briefed on the talks between Saudi Arabia and its neighbors, confirmed that Riyadh had made such a request. “There is a shortage of interceptors. Saudi Arabia has asked friends for a loan, but not many get it,” said one.

A second person said Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman hinted at the issue at a summit meeting in the Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh in December, after which the kingdom contacted countries in the region directly.

It is not clear if Saudi neighbors are still able to supply ammunition.

Experts said it was only a short-term measure to help the Kingdom cover the time it took to secure approval for US arms sales. Saudi Arabia procures most of its weapons from the United States, but its ability to procure weapons from Washington is a bipartisan criticism of the war in Yemen and concerns about human rights violations under Prince Mohammed’s guidance. Is complicated by.

Another senior government official said Washington “is working closely with Saudi Arabia and other partner countries to ensure that there are no gaps in coverage.”

A third U.S. official said in partnership with Iran that the Houthi rebels controlling northern Yemen launched 375 cross-border attacks on Saudi Arabia last year, many of which attacked Saudi Arabia. Said it started. Target oil infrastructure, airports, cities..

“Responding to these attacks with these types of interceptors means having a faster burning rate than they had previously expected,” officials said. “That’s what we have to deal with, and the answer is not only more interceptors, but the answer is ultimately a diplomatic solution to the Yemeni crisis.”

The Saudi defense system removes most of the projectile. However, 59 civilians have been killed since Riyadh began the war with the Houthi seven years ago, according to Brigadier General Turki al-Marqui, a spokesman for Defense Minister Saudi Arabia.

He said the Kingdom attaches great importance to “a strong and strong partnership with the United States.” “Our military cooperation is ongoing and we will work closely with our US partners in the face of the threat of cross-border ballistic missiles, rockets and UAVs. [ drones],” He said.

Photos distributed by the Houthi Reuters show the launch of a missile aimed at Saudi Arabia in 2018 © REUTERS

US President Joe Biden Frozen the sale of offensive weapons Immediately after he entered the White House, he went to Saudi Arabia to end his support for a Saudi-led coalition to fight the Houthis.

He promised to reassess his relationship with Riad and criticized the kingdom. Jamal Khashoggi’s 2018 killings Saudi agents and progressive Democrats are resisting supporting the kingdom.

Last year, Washington redeployed several Patriot systems from Saudi Arabia. Biden administration officials claimed they were committed to defending the kingdom, and the State Department recently approved the sale of 280 air-to-air missiles. In December, the Senate rejected a bipartisan bid to block a $ 680 million deal.

US officials said 280 air-to-air missiles would be a “great help.” However, he said the troops would take longer to reach the kingdom, adding that Riyadh needed a Patriot interceptor “in addition to helping them get over them.”

“This town is difficult for Saudi Arabia,” he said. “Even if we say we are working on the defense of Saudi Arabia, it is a dangerous statement in this environment.”

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said at a meeting in the Middle East in November that Washington “has significantly strengthened Saudi Arabia’s self-defense capabilities.”

Saudi Arabia has fought the Houthi since leading the Arab Union, which intervened in the Yemeni civil war in 2015, after rebels expelled the Yemeni government and occupied the capital Sana’a.

Riyad’s intervention was boosted by the United States and Britain, but the war was widely criticized and thousands of Yemeni citizens, including hundreds of children, were killed in a coalition of airstrikes, selling weapons to the kingdom. Pressured the government to stop.

Seth G. Jones, head of the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said there is growing awareness in Washington about the Hooty threat to Saudi Arabia, and Riyadh will not support the Kingdom if the United States does not support the Kingdom. I am worried that I may be converted. To China.Democratic centrist elements oppose progressives, arguing that “we need to protect them.” [ Saudi Arabia] Escape the enemy and anticipate the entry of Chinese, “he said.

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