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    Satirical essay critiques power imbalances in global health research

    International cooperation may support or interfere with biomedical research for global health. Credits: Okeke, IN, Medicine Anthropology Theory, CC-BY 4.0 (

    When establishing partnerships with researchers in resource-depleted countries, global health researchers often develop discourses claiming to focus on sustainability and capacity building. But how does this look from the other side of the partnership? A satirical opinion piece published on September 30 PLOS Biology Iruka Okeke of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, emphasizes the selective and exploitative aspects of health research partnerships between biomedical researchers in high-income countries and corresponding researchers in low-income disease-endemic countries.

    The actual short-term and long-term benefits of these collaborations can be one-sided. Her essay “20 Steps to Root Power Asymmetry in Global Health” Biomedical research, ”The author uses the Global Health Lexicon as rhetorical support, High-income countries.. Twenty steps highlight 20 problematic practices of global health researchers that can maintain and exacerbate inequality. Health research..

    According to the author, “Are you an ambitious laboratory scientist in international research? My hint list is based on general stereotypes, so you are a scientist in a high-income country. I guess there is. Low income Among her 20 hot tips for success, Dr. Okeke has this handy advice: “Choose a partner country. Avoid places where good research was previously done in the area. Instead, prioritize pristine beaches, game reserves, or other “must-see” countries. Holiday pamphlets can be useful at this stage. “

    “This satire records unfortunate, but common, intentional and unintentional collaboration failures that could undermine the sustainability and impact of the Global Health Lab project,” Okeke added. I am.

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    For more information:
    Okeke IN (2021) 20 steps to root power asymmetry in global health biomedical research. PLoS Biol 19 (9): e3001411.

    Quote: The satirical essay critique was obtained from on September 30, 2021 Global Health Research (2021). Imbalance of power in (September 30)

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    Satirical essay critiques power imbalances in global health research Source link Satirical essay critiques power imbalances in global health research

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