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    Sarah Jessica Parker sheds tears on the resurrection of “Sex and the City”

    Beyond her wildest dreams. Since the 2010s Sex and the City 2 Panned by critics, and Kim Cattrall She revealed that she would never play Samantha again, Sarah Jessica Parker I didn’t expect to slip into Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahnik in search of another stanchion through Manhattan.

    “This time I know the good luck surrounding this effort,” Parker, 56, said at a roundtable in the Revival series. And just like that, Released on Sunday, December 26th, on HBO Max.

    With almost 5 minutes of video, the star Cynthia Nixon (People who play Miranda Hobbes) Kristin Davis For a conversation about returning as an iconic gal companion 10 years later (playing Charlotte York-Goldenblatt).

    “I can never go home again, except very rarely, I can actually do it,” Nixon, 55, added. “This amazing thing that happened in your life 25 years ago …”

    Sarah Jessica Parker’s “and so”. Craig Blanken Horn / HBO Max

    As Ratched The stars were dragged out, and Parker’s eyes were filled with tears. “It’s really great to be together.” Deception Said the actress.

    “I’ve never worked with people so long at this depth,” added 56-year-old Davis.

    “I didn’t expect it to happen,” Parker admitted in tears.

    Sex and the City He made his debut on HBO in June 1998, has been running for six seasons, and has been nominated for more than 50 Emmy Awards (seven of them). After the 2004 Series Finale, the cast first returned in 2008 SATC A movie that earned over $ 415 in world box office revenue.Two years later, Sex and the City 2 Panned by critics, he earned $ 294 million in box office revenue.It was the last fan I heard from Carrie and the girl — until And just like that It premiered at HBO Max in December 2021.

    AJLT Continue SATC Women through different chapters of life, and stars are also in different chapters of their careers. Davis and Nixon have taken on more behind-the-scenes responsibilities.

    “There’s a lot involved in this effort,” said SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe designer. “Cynthia and Christine are currently executive producers and are overseen by Cynthia.”

    Sarah Jessica Parker Tears Up Over Sex and the City Revival Inline
    Craig Blanken Horn / HBO Max

    The new director said the cast and crew were “less supportive,” but Davis explained that Nixon had more insight than most directors.

    “Having Cynthia is very unique.” Wild Holiday The star explained. “You’ve been with us for a long time, and you know the fabric. You know everything about it? When you tell us something, it’s very attractive. Weight. there is.”

    Davis continued, “It’s also special just to hear her call cut when she’s in the scene with you.” All the actresses laughed at the unusual situation.

    Barnard College graduates stood behind the camera in episode 6, the first episode to air in 2022.

    The video comes almost a week after the three women Responded to allegations of sexual assault For co-stars Chris Noth.. His character, Mr. Big, was killed from revival in the first episode.

    “We are deeply saddened to hear the allegations against Chris Noth,” the message said. Share to all three of the star’s Instagram stories I read it on December 20th. “We help women who come forward and share their painful experiences. We know it’s very difficult to do and praise them.”

    New episode of And just like that HBO Max released on Thursday.

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    Sarah Jessica Parker sheds tears on the resurrection of “Sex and the City”

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