San Diego police dog is stabbed 27 times by suspect


A California Police dogs were stabbed 27 times by a crazy landlord hiding in the garage when K9 squeezed his leg after the suspect stabbed the tenant and hit him with a baseball bat, police officials said. ..

Aros, a member of Escondido’s K9 unit in San Diego, was repeatedly stabbed in the nose and head on December 9 after being “placed to find someone hiding in the garage.”

According to police, the seven-and-a-half-year-old Belgian Malinois was assisting them on a mission to arrest violent landlords on South Maple Street around 1 pm. According to police, the landlord entered the renter’s house without notice, stabbed him, and hit him with a baseball bat.

The victim managed to escape and called the police. The landlord refused to hide after being found in the garage of two cars.

Twenty minutes after negotiations with him, officers entered the garage with Aros, said Lieutenant Mark Petersen, who oversees the K9 unit. San Diego Union Tribune..

Aros handler and officer Chad Moore placed a dog to chase after the landlord after he began climbing the rafters.

According to police, when Aros got caught in a man’s leg, the landlord pulled out his knife and began to “hack” his head violently.

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Aros, a police dog in Escondido, California, has healed completely after being stabbed 27 times. The cone-shaped dog (pictured) with a handwritten message is “roughly” rejuvenated after being stabbed on December 9.

After the dog stabbed, he had to rush to the vet to receive the wound seam (pictured).

After the dog stabbed, he had to rush to the vet to receive the wound seam (pictured).

After the dog stabbed, he had to rush to the vet to receive the wound seam (pictured).

“What was great for me was that I had been with dogs for 20 years. It just hugged the dog,” Petersen said. “He did the job. He grabbed the man while being stabbed 27 times until the policeman arrived safely at him.

The policeman used a taser and a bubble bullet for the man, and he dropped a knife and fell from the rafters.

Moore immediately rushed Aros to the vet as other police officers arrested the landlord on suspicion of attempted murder, robbery, and injured police dog.

The victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injury.

The dog needed a few needles to close the wound, but is expected to heal completely, police told Union Tribune.

His return to the Escondido police station is suspicious, as he is waiting for authorities to see how his nose, which has deprived him of the wound, will heal.

“I don’t know how much damage was done to his nose, so I’m still not sure if he can get back into service. That’s his money-making — to be able to sniff things. So this is just a waiting game, “Petersen told the paper.

Moore said Los Angeles Times The dog’s nose must be structurally sound enough to carry out police work in order to continue his service.

Complicating the recovery is the fact that Aros, who has been working for a three and a half year veteran, is tearing his stitches.

“They are increasing his sedatives,” Petersen told Union Tribune Thursday. “He hasn’t healed his face, [so] He is back with a sturdy drug. ”

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Despite being “hacked”, the dog “hacked” his face and never let go of the landlord, who had climbed the rafters in the garage to avoid his arrest.



It’s unclear if Aros will be able to return to a three-and-a-half-year veteran unit.Police reassess after knowing how well his nose was healed

Moore calls Aros wearing a cone “elastic” and is still ready for action. He said. “Look at Aros and what he experienced. He still wants to go out. He still has his energy.

A GoFundMe Founded by former police officer Damian Torres. Damian Torres is raising money for the department to acquire another police dog and provide the accompanying “expensive” training.

As of Wednesday, we have reached $ 13,229 out of our $ 25,000 goal.

“I felt familiar with working class dogs and was forced to help as a citizen of Escondido,” Torres said. “This gives donors the opportunity to act as stakeholders when they see police service dogs, and knowing their contributions can add dogs and handlers to protect the community. I think I was able to do it. ”

According to the National Police Dog Foundation, most police dogs come from Europe. So dogs like Aros cost over $ 8,000 and training ranges from $ 12,000 to $ 15,000.

Petersen told The San Diego Union-Tribune that a dog costs about $ 12,000.

The Escondido Police Department’s K9 unit, which was established in 1985, has six active dogs.

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