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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-10-09 02:03:11 –

The Nebraska Council recently awarded the KUDOS Award to Sammi Kaiser, Director of the UNO Academic & Career Development Center and Senior Director of Academic Advice, at a meeting on Friday, October 8.

Through her tireless and inclusive efforts, Kaiser went beyond the responsibility of her role. She encouraged better communication and enthusiastically took on additional responsibilities.

In her nomination, Kaiser describes him as the person who worked to attract everyone to work with when creating UNO’s Advice Ladder, which allows professional advisors to continue their careers in advice at various colleges. it was done. She led and organized a small committee focused on identifying promotional ladder best practices to promote the adoption of promotional ladders. Her continued dedication makes UNO a leader in higher education in this regard.

During the pandemic, Kaiser also worked to bring continuity in advising students throughout the UNO, which is a major responsibility without the pandemic. However, her ability to bring trust to the entire advisory community has allowed her to create a more unified experience across the campus.

Kaiser united people by creating the Advising Lead Council. The council, which connects advisor leaders from different departments to share information and solve problems, bridges the initiative from academic affairs and student success to student advisors.

Her skills as a leader show her inclusiveness. She has made a tireless effort to include everyone in decision making. She secures barriers to achieving the desired results for everyone, even when contacting people after a meeting, if she does not know that a particular issue has been mishandled in all roles she works for. .. She constantly supports others, listens to those who may need them, and works to foster a space where leaders can rest assured that they will have difficult conversations to solve various problems. ..

“Sammi is a true heretic. She leads with a strong, resilient and optimistic aura. Sammi envisions a better future for everyone she meets,” her nominee said. Stated. “She leads with optimistic leadership and sheds light on the Mavericks Spirit of all of us.”

KUDOS Award nomination

The University of Nebraska KUDOS Award recognizes the achievements of outstanding employees and is presented six times a year at NU Board meetings.

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Sammi Kaiser Earns Board of Regents KUDOS Award | News Source link Sammi Kaiser Earns Board of Regents KUDOS Award | News

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