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    Saliva analysis of long-term cannabis smokers identifies oral microbiome disruptions that may lead to brain disorders

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    Although more and more states have legalized marijuana, little is known about how long-term use of cannabis affects microbes in the oral cavity (known as the oral microbiota). The oral microbiota plays an important role in maintaining oral health, but changes in the oral environment, such as those caused by smoking, can upset the microbial balance and make it more susceptible to illness. ..

    For more information, South Carolina Medical College immunoscholar Wei Jiang, MD, has used cannabis Oral microbiology.. Her team screened saliva from long-term cannabis users and found increased levels of actinomycetes in the mouth that correlated with cannabis use. Elevated levels of bacteria can lead to damage to the immune system. To assess how high levels of A. meyeri affect the immune system, Jiang’s team gave mice oral A. meyeri and is one of the proteins of overall activity in the brain. A significant decrease and an increase in beta amyloid levels were observed. It is related to Alzheimer’s disease.Together, these studies suggest that long-term cannabis use changes. Brain health.. The team’s findings were recently published online on November 23rd. EBioMedicine..

    “I think the most exciting aspect of our work is the link between oral bacteriology and brain health,” said Jiang. “To prove this association, we went beyond typical human associative studies to conduct causal studies in mice.”

    Cannabis use and oral bacterial flora

    Traditionally, microorganisms are considered foreign invaders that cause disease. However, the truth is more complicated. In most cases, these symbiotic microorganisms do not cause disease and often perform important biological functions, so we live in harmony with the microbiota.

    Nonetheless, smoking not only upsets the balance of microorganisms in the oral cavity, but cannabis smoking is known to affect neural function, and some of its constituents, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), affect the immune system. It may affect you.

    To analyze changes in the oral microbial flora in the context of cannabis use, Jiang and her team collected microbial flora data for chronic cannabis smokers compared to smokers and nonsmokers by analyzing saliva. bottom. They found similar changes in some bacterial species between smokers and nonsmokers. But A. meyeri is a cannabis smoker and has been modified independently.

    A. The bacteria of the Actinomyces family of which meyeri is a member Oral cavity, But they can also be opportunistic pathogens. Smoking can cause destruction of the oral mucosa, and bacterial fragments and whole bacteria can move to the circulatory system and affect the immune system. In fact, Jiang found elevated levels of antibodies to A. meyeri in the plasma of cannabis smokers.

    Brain health is affected by the use of cannabis

    To better define how A. meyeri affects brain health, researchers inoculated mice with A. meyeri. These mice showed decreased activity, increased macrophage migration to the brain, and increased levels of beta-amyloid. These results suggest that long-term use of cannabis alters the accumulation of toxic beta-amyloid proteins associated with brain health, especially Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. The presence of immune cells in the brain can cause changes in brain function, perhaps through persistent inflammation of the brain, which can impair brain function. But unexpectedly, A. Macrophages stimulated by meyeri did not provoke an inflammatory response, but did induce macrophage migration to the brain.

    “It’s a puzzle. People generally think that activating macrophages and moving them to the brain produces pro-inflammatory signals, causing inflammation of the brain and ultimately dysfunction of the brain,” Jiang said. Mr. says. “But brain dysfunction can occur without traditional inflammatory signals.”

    The use of cannabis can cause dementia, but it can also help people who are already in that condition. The paradox of cannabis effects may be due to frequency of use, duration of use, or severe and mild use and requires further investigation.

    The results of these surveys are Oral hygiene About brain function. In the future, Jiang and her team will be A. We would like to further investigate how meyeri causes the production of amyloid proteins. brain Develop inhibitors of this process.

    Exercise increases the body’s own “cannabis” and reduces chronic inflammation, new studies say

    For more information:
    Zhenwu Luo et al, an oral pathogen rich in chronic cannabis smoking, promotes behavioral changes, macrophage infiltration, and increases β-amyloid protein production in the brain, EBioMedicine (2021). DOI: 10.1016 / j.ebiom.2021.103701

    Quote: Saliva analysis of long-term cannabis smokers obtained from https: // 6, 2021 Brain Disorder (December 6, 2021) ) Identifies oral microbiome destruction that can lead to term-cannabis-smokers.html

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    Saliva analysis of long-term cannabis smokers identifies oral microbiome disruptions that may lead to brain disorders Source link Saliva analysis of long-term cannabis smokers identifies oral microbiome disruptions that may lead to brain disorders

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