Saffire Matos Blasts Jen Harley on Instagram: Time to Suffer, Bish!


Ronnie Tuna’s life is always complicated, but usually because he makes terrifying decisions and brings unnecessary misery to himself and others.

However, the latest Ronnie drama is different from the usual one. This time his fiancé, Safia Matos, is stirring things up.

As you may know Ronnie asked Safia a question Back in June, saying the news was unexpected would put it very calm.

Just a few months ago Tuna arrested after a quarrel with Matos..

Safia refused to testify and Ronnie left Scott Free.

This is not the first time a tuna has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, and critics quickly compared the situation to his dire battle with Jen Harley.

The notorious case from that relationship was Harley dragging a tuna out of her car, but Ronnie was repeatedly accused of becoming violent.

Safia Matos and Ronnie Ortiz Tuna Together

Jen’s behavior continues to make headlines, and many speculate that Ronnie may be suitable for someone like Harley who seems to share his explosive temperament.

Perhaps in response to those criticisms, Safia posted a meme about exes and protracted resentment this week.

“Has [you] People dating our exe have noticed that we think we hate them … relax, we don’t care. It’s your turn to suffer, “meme read.

Harley meme

Now, the most likely explanation here is that Safia is throwing a shade on her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

However, some Reddit commenters interpret comments in a completely different way.

They believe Safia is laughing at all the dramas, including Ronnie’s ex and her new man.

Jen, Safia

Back in June, Harley allegedly pointed his gun at his boyfriend In a fierce debate.

in the end Ronnie Tuna Baby Mama Avoids Prison Once again, the accusations of domestic violence have been withdrawn.

Given all the madness surrounding Harley’s latest relationship and the fact that she is still part of Ronnie’s life due to the fact that she shares her daughter, fans have posted all of Safia’s posts in Jen. It’s not hard to understand why it’s interpreted as a shot of.

Saffia Matos Pose

In this case, I don’t think she was going to shoot Jen, but frankly, given all the turmoil surrounding Ron’s previous relationship, she probably would publicly comment on the situation involving the exe. You should refrain from it.

As for how Ron and Safia are doing these days, they still seem to be upside down on each other.

The couple are currently celebrating Jen’s birthday in Florence, Italy. Ron shot the full season on the Jersey Shore, so you need to be familiar with the city.

Ronnie Ortiz Tuna and Safia Matos Together

Jen shared an exciting birthday surprise with Instagram followers:

“I can’t believe this trip was planned for four months. I didn’t know,” she captioned a video that jumped into Ronnie’s arm with excitement.

“Thank you for your birthday surprise. Grazie AmoreMio I love you my cozy bear.”

Safia Matos, Ronnie

In other words, the relationship between Ron and Safia seems to be healthier than the relationship between Ron and Jen.

Let’s hope it stays that way.

It’s good to be optimistic, but it’s also important to remember that patterns of violent behavior tend to repeat.

Saffire Matos Blasts Jen Harley on Instagram: Time to Suffer, Bish! Source link Saffire Matos Blasts Jen Harley on Instagram: Time to Suffer, Bish!

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