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NS Shot that killed the cinematographer According to a search warrant affidavit, the director, who was injured in the shooting, was fired last week on a New Mexico movie set when actor Alec Baldwin was practicing to pull a gun.

Joel Souza, the director and cinematographer of the movie “Rust”, was shot in the shoulder. Harina HutchinsThe 42-year-old was killed on Thursday when a prop gun fired during a rehearsal at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe.

Souza spoke with investigators on Friday, according to an affidavit released by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday.

The affidavit stated that Baldwin was “sitting in the pew in the setting of the church building and practicing cross-drawing.” Cross draw is when the shooter pulls a weapon from the holster on the opposite side of the draw hand.

According to the affidavit, Sousa said over Hutchins’ shoulder, “sounds like a whip, then like a big pop.”

According to the document, Souza recalled that Hutchins “complained about her stomach and grabbed her central part” after the shot was fired.

According to the affidavit, the investigator also spoke with cameraman Reed Russell, who stood next to Sousa and Hutchins at the time of the incident.

Russell recalled that Hutchins “said he couldn’t feel his feet,” and doctors treated her when she was bleeding on the floor, the researchers said.

Souza and Russell acknowledged difficulties on the set for the day due to strikes by some members of the camera department over payments and housing. Due to labor issues, Souza said he had only one camera available that day and had not recorded it at the time of the incident.

Soza also confirmed to investigators that he had heard the word “cold gun” in the set, which meant that the firearm was supposed to be empty.

According to the warrant, Souza said the three were dealing with guns and firearms for the scene-they were checked by armor and the first assistant director, and given to the actors using them.

According to investigators, Souza was unaware that everyone on the set was checking to see if they had live ammunition before or after the scene was filmed.

The affidavit said, “Only firearms have been confirmed to keep out live ammunition. Joel (Sousa) said that live ammunition should not be used near or near the scene.” Stated.

Souza’s representative has not returned a request for CNN’s comment.

According to the affidavit, Russell told investigators that Baldwin “is trying to explain how to pull out the firearm and the position of the arm when the firearm is pulled out of the holster.”

“I didn’t know why the firearm was fired, and I remembered a big bang from the firearm,” Russell said in an affidavit.

When asked how Baldwin handled the firearms, Russell told the actor that he was “very careful” and that Baldwin was “safe and the child was firing firearms in the scene. I made sure I wasn’t near him. ” “

The search warrant attempted to retrieve the footage, camcorders, computer equipment, and memory cards used in the set’s cameras.

I have not been charged in this case. The Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe County said it would discuss the case further at a press conference Wednesday.

The assistant director was the subject of complaints

According to a previous search warrant affidavit, film assistant director David Halls handed a propeller gun to Baldwin before the shooting and shouted “cold gun.”

According to the affidavit, Baldwin was handed one of the three prop guns installed in the cart by the movie armorer, and Halls was unaware that the gun had live ammunition.

The hall is Subject of complaint Two people who worked closely with him told CNN about the safety of the two productions in 2019 and his actions on the set.

Complaints about the hall include ignoring safety protocols regarding the use of weapons and fireworks, blocking fire lanes and exits, and cases of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.

In a statement to CNN, fireworks engineer Maggie Goll, licensed by IATSE Local44’s prop maker, held a safety conference in Hall while working on Hulu’s “Into the Dark” anthology series in February and May 2019. He said he neglected to hold the event and consistently failed to announce it. As with the protocol, the presence of firearms set on the crew.

Halls did not respond to CNN’s request for comment on Gol’s allegations against him.

Also in 2019, Halls was an assistant director on the set of the movie “Freedom’s Pass”. A gun was “unexpectedly fired” on the set, causing members of the Sound Crew to recoil from the blast and stop production. Production company Rocket Soul Studio told CNN on Monday.

Healthy crew members were evacuated by onset medics and advised to seek treatment. The crew returned to production a few days later, Rocket Soul said.

After the incident, the hall was removed from the set and fired from production, the company said.

It was not possible to contact Hall for comment on the incident.

“Rust” set gun safety

The armored soldier who prepared the prop gun used by Baldwin on Thursday was identified as Hannah Gutierrez in a search warrant document. She recently completed work on her first project as Head Armor, she said in a podcast interview in September.

“I was really nervous at first,” said Gutierrez, who worked as an armorer on the set for the movie “Old Way,” starring Nicolas Cage.

“I didn’t take on much work because I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but I did it so that it went really smoothly,” she said in an Archetypal Old West podcast dedicated to the Old. He said in an interview. West.

Her work as an armorer ranges from teaching actors how to wear gun belts to aiming and shooting.

According to several news reports, the day before the deadly shooting, there were at least two accidental prop gun launches in the set.

The discharge occurred on October 16 when the crew accidentally fired two shots after the gun was said to be “cold.” Los Angeles Times reported, Citing two crew members who reportedly witnessed the incident. It was unknown if the launch contained live ammunition. No one was injured in the outburst, The Wall Street Journal reported..

The film’s producer said in a statement on Friday that he was unaware of prop safety issues before the deadly shooting.

“Cast and crew safety is a top priority for everyone involved with Rust Productions and the company. No official complaints about the safety of weapons and stanchions in the set have been reported, but an internal review of the procedure. We will continue to cooperate with the Santa Fe authorities’ investigations and provide mental health services to the cast and crew during this tragic period, “said Rust Movie Productions LLC. ..

According to a search warrant affidavit filed by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, Baldwin was handed a gun from a hall that was unaware that the weapon contained “live ammunition.” Baldwin said he was cooperating in the shooting investigation.

“She was my role model”

Hutchins’ husband described the loss of his wife as “extreme.”

“Harina inspired us all with her passion and vision, and her legacy is too meaningful to be verbally encapsulated,” Matthew Hutchins said. Tweeted on Friday. Hutchins also leaves a 9-year-old son.

In an interview with Kyiv Post on Friday, Halyna Hutchins’ sister Svetlana Androsovych said her family was suffering from grief.

“I don’t understand (she died). I loved her very much … I was very proud of her, and she was my role model,” Andro said. Sovic said. “This loss is a great sadness for our family and I understand how difficult it is for our parents. Hopefully time will relieve the pain in our hearts.”

CNN has contacted Androsovych but has not responded.

Hundreds of mourners gathered at the Albuquerque Civic Plaza on Saturday night to hold a candlelight vigil to remind them of Hutchins.

This alert was organized by the IATSE Local 600 and IATSE Local 480 branches of the International Alliance of Theatrical Film and Theater Trade Unions. It represents workers who play different roles in the entertainment industry.

Some speakers acknowledged that grief could easily turn into anger in the aftermath of tragic loss, and at the same time warned union members that they would “control and support anger for now (Hutchins).” There was President John Lindley of the International Filming Guild. Family at this time. “

Local 600 created Confirmed GoFundMe page For the Hutchins family. As of early Monday, nearly $ 200,000 had been raised.

The last speaker of the night was Lane Looper, a crew member of “Rust,” who said he first met Hutchins about seven weeks ago. “I would have been lucky if I could make another movie with such a person,” said the visibly emotional looper. “She was a wonderful mom and wife, just a wonderful soul. I really hope there are more people like her.”

Baldwin said in a tweet on Friday that he had a broken heart and is fully cooperating with the police.

“I have no words to convey my shock and sadness about the tragic accident that killed my wife, mother and our colleague Harina Hutchins,” Baldwin said. “My heart is broken for her husband, their son, and everyone who knew and loved Harina.”


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‘Rust’ director told authorities Alec Baldwin was practicing drawing his gun when weapon discharged | St. Louis News Headlines Source link ‘Rust’ director told authorities Alec Baldwin was practicing drawing his gun when weapon discharged | St. Louis News Headlines

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