Russia Initiates A Cryptocurrency MASSACRE


Bitcoin crashed to its lowest price in five months as Russia threatened to ban cryptocurrencies, bringing all other coins into the cryptocurrency bath.

Have you seen the movie “Airplane!”?

If you have one, it’s likely that you were born before the 1970s, so congratulations so far.

I knew I liked you for a reason.

Well, for those of you who haven’t seen or forgotten for years, “Airplane!” Is a Zucker Brothers movie that can’t even be too ridiculous. start Completely summarize.

The plot wasn’t as important as the one-liner scattered throughout the movie. One of them was spoken by the movie icon Lloyd Bridges.

Bridges played nonsense ex-pilot Steve Macroski, who was brought in to help mitigate an imminent disaster on a pilotless plane rushing to his destination. With every new ridiculous development, he looked at the camera and said …

From there, his bad habits increase with each new problem. first,…

Picked a Bad Week to Stop Sniffing Glue

And finally…

Picked a Bad Week to Quit Amphetamines

Only Brother Zucker could give us something very stupid and very cheerful at the same time.

But do you know what’s not hilarious?

When it feels like Steve Macroski in real life, and now when some of us open a crypto wallet and see that we’ve lost more than half of our money overnight, many people find that glue. Reaching for the bottle.

“I chose the wrong week …”

It’s like letting you say, “I chose the wrong time to get into the crypto.”

I wanted to kick my puppy when I opened my wallet last weekend and saw that the value of the two coins I invested had dropped by nearly 50%.

But I don’t have a puppy. I have a cat … and the cat is so convincing that I didn’t mean to kick her. (I’m a kid … I never kick any animal. I just wanted to kick something small and soft).

So I saw the absolute bloody in the crypto market and started running around the news to see what was happening. Why did I lose so much money so quickly with so many other investors?

And of course, it’s Russia’s fault.

this is everytime Russia.

They have been my enemies since Wolverine of Calmet High School first joined the Russian army Red dawn..

What was Ruskies doing now?

Well, Putin’s playground seems to be proposing crypto bans as investors become more and more pessimistic about higher-risk assets, Cryptocurrencies are said to threaten Russia’s financial stability and monetary policy sovereignty.

In other words, Putin & Company is too afraid that Russian citizens can reach financial independence without knowing it and do not want them to leave the line.

This had a big impact on the cryptographic value, And when combined with the fact that the global stock market has begun to sell, it’s easy to see why cryptocurrency prices have risen absolutely.

Bad season

The recent economic situation is too terrible.

You have global inflation, the FRB talks about raising interest rates, China is about to become a global superpower, COVID is still lurking there, supply chain problems, coming The bear market, and now Russia, is threatening to ban cryptocurrencies.

Do you know why I think my crypto advance was at the wrong time?

I couldn’t know that this would happen … but hey, it seems that Russia might have kept their big mouth closed.

Oh well…

I knew it wasn’t a breeze. I didn’t expect to get the profits of FAST and look like a cryptocurrency rock star.

I knew there was a process here.

I just thought I would have more time to breathe.

But if money doesn’t sleep, there is no stress.

I hate to sound pessimistic, but other than that Is there anything that doesn’t work?


Now I’m all fine again. Maybe kicking a cat isn’t such a bad idea?

Man, here I hope the whole Russian government will hit their baby’s toes against the furniture tonight.

According to my crypto wallet, they deserve a bit of pain.

You don’t ask that many questions, right?


“You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you know the timing, it works.” – Yogi Berra

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