Russia argues that Ukraine will not start the war as it seeks to mitigate the rhetoric of the invasion from the United States


Top Russian diplomats argued that Moscow did not intend to start a war on Friday Ukraine.. But with more than 100,000 Russian troops rallying along the border, he also said Moscow was “not ignored.”

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said, “If you depend on the Russian Federation, there will be no war.” “We don’t want war, but we don’t allow our interests to be rudely attacked. We don’t allow our interests to be ignored.”

Russia’s attempt to divide

In a warning from the White House, as in 2014, in a warning that Russia could invade Ukraine again, Moscow appeared to be adopting a divide and rule strategy. The latest salvo in the language war between Moscow and the West came in the form of inside-out compliments.

Russia reacts to US letter about Ukrainian tensions …


Viklov praised the White House’s written response to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s request for NATO to withdraw troops from Russia’s western border and reject new members of the region. But praise came at the expense of the NATO alliance itself.

“American reactions look like a model of diplomatic decency against the background of the paper sent by NATO,” Viklov said, making NATO’s previous reaction to Russia’s demands “very ideological.” I accused him of being there. Of the people who wrote these texts. “

It was a pointed jab in the US-led transatlantic security alliance that Putin sees as a threat to Russia’s power and influence in the region. Its power has declined since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Putin is determined to prevent more former Soviet countries like Ukraine from collapsing under NATO.

On Friday, NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg said there was no danger of informing the enemy of the exact “threshold” to elicit a unified military response from the alliance, but NATO “always has the necessary power. Make sure you are there. ” It’s the right place at the right time to protect and protect all our allies, and we’ve been doing that for over 70 years. “

How urgent is the threat?

Russia’s loosely obscured attempt to imply a division between adversaries took place shortly after a call with President Joe Biden’s Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, on Thursday.Its call despite reads from both Washington and Kiev Emphasize unityThe urgency of Mr. Biden’s administration under threat of Russia’s aggression seemed to underscore some discomfort in the Ukrainian capital.

Ukrainian President Zelensky is seen during a meeting with US President Joe Biden in Kiev
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was seen during a meeting with US President Joe Biden on January 27, 2022 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ukrainian Presidential Press Service / Distribution / Reuters

Sources familiar with the call told CBS News that Zelensky had asked to ease the rhetoric of a possible imminent intrusion into the United States.

As a “totally false” report, the White House warned Biden over the phone to Zelensky that it was “virtually certain” to see Russian troops imminently invading and “looting” the capital. Rejected.

National Security Council Spokesperson Said in a tweet Biden instead said Zelensky had a “clear possibility” of the February invasion. “Reporting anything more or different is completely wrong.”

Ukraine warns of possible attack by Russia …


The The White House warned But for weeks, that Russia May start aggression In February of this year. US and Ukrainian intelligence agencies have also warned of possible Russian airstrikes on Ukrainian command and control centers, including those around Kiev.

The Ukrainians’ most pressing concern is Putin’s choice of less obvious attacks — small-scale border aggression or “false flag” attacks. Moscow may use to blame Ukrainian power of escalation.

Kiev probably before the assault of Russia Cyber ​​attack Targeting national infrastructure, it creates instability and undermines confidence in the Zelensky administration.Putin already Showed a preference for such tactics..

Efforts are underway to prevent intrusion, but Rus …


Mr Biden and his European allies emphasized that Russian troops invading Ukraine’s soil would be considered an invasion and would be subject to swift and severe sanctions against Moscow.

NATO and the United States are NATO partners and will not dispatch combat forces to protect Ukraine, which is not a full member. Instead, deployed or alert units aim to reassure nervous NATO members who fear this could spread to regional conflicts and threaten them.

The State Department is considering deploying a one-sided army on Thursday in states along the eastern side of NATO, as the United States can move faster than NATO, which requires an agreement between allies. I admitted that.

Appeal strategic calm

Despite growing tensions, Zelensky has consistently encouraged the Ukrainian people to stay calm. His government knows that panic (people cleaning up supermarket shelves and trying to flee the country) can be very volatile.

That may be exactly what Russia wants. British intelligence warned that Putin could take advantage of Ukraine’s instability to rebuild a friendly government there.

On the streets of Kiev, everything looked fine on Friday. The dominant calm may be due to the fact that this is not new, mainly for Ukrainians. They have lived with the Russian invasion for many years. Since Putin’s troops merged the Crimean Peninsula and last invaded in 2014, a war has boiled between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed eastern separatists.

View shows the city of Donetsk dominated by rebels
On January 27, 2022, a woman passed by a T-34 tank and other Soviet-era military vehicles while walking in a park in a city controlled by rebels in Donetsk, Ukraine.


According to Kiev, the conflict had already claimed the lives of more than 14,000 people, but tensions soared last year with the movement of tens of thousands of troops to the border area. Moscow claims that the army and weapons are for exercise only, do not threaten Russian neighbors, and can do what they want with the army on their territory.

The large central square, known as Maidan in Kiev, the iconic center of Ukraine’s capital, reminds us of how vulnerable Ukraine is, caught in a tug of war between Russia and the West.

Almost eight years ago, to be precise, CBS News was in Maidan, which has a large coverage. Protest against the former president of the country, Was a pro-Russian. National security forces fired at the protesters, ending in a corpse in the square.

Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovych f ..


Pro-Russian factions in Ukrainian politics have not disappeared, they have just disappeared Vote from leadership.. Zelenskyy knows that Putin may try to take every opportunity to regain his friendly face in Kiev.

Obviously, there are various assessments in Ukraine, the United States and other NATO countries of what Putin is actually planning. However, the Ukrainian government is aware of the threat and is working very hard to avoid trapping and panicking about 45 million inhabitants.

Pressure and diplomacy

The United States said the ball is currently in Russian court. Putin is still formulating his response to the United States and NATO’s response to his request. He spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday, and French officials said they agreed on the need to make the situation worse and continue talking.

The Biden administration believes it lacks time to negotiate a diplomatic solution to the crisis. To increase pressure on Russia, the United States called for a meeting at the United Nations to make that claim in public.

The United States calls for a public meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday, the day before Russia chairs the replacement of the Security Council, and sets its agenda. Discuss what US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield called Russia’s “threatening action.”

Thomas Greenfield said world powers need to consider “what is at stake for Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and the international order if Russia further invades Ukraine.” rice field.

The public meeting was held on Monday at 10 am Eastern Standard Time.

Justine Redman, Mary Ilyushina and Pamela Falk of CBS News contributed to this report.

Russia argues that Ukraine will not start the war as it seeks to mitigate the rhetoric of the invasion from the United States

Source link Russia argues that Ukraine will not start the war as it seeks to mitigate the rhetoric of the invasion from the United States

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