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    Rural ERs, despite threat of closure, save lives at similar rate as urban hospitals

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    Hospitals in more remote areas of the country are constantly under threat. Since 2010, more than 100 US regional hospitals have been closed and emergency department care has been lost.

    Despite the increased risk of closure, a recent Michigan medicine-led study found that patients treated in the local emergency department had several critical emergencies, including stroke and heart attack, in the city’s ER. It was found to produce similar results to patients treated in.

    Researchers analyzed over 470,000 Patient outcome From Medicare beneficiaries treated in rural and urban emergency departments between 2011 and 2015. JAMA network openReveals that there is no significant difference in 30-day mortality in potentially life-threatening conditions in the two emergency medical environments.

    Similarity in patient outcomes underscores the importance of local and critical access emergency departments in treating life-threatening conditions. In particular, these facilities are at risk of losing funds and resources. Emergency medicine in Michigan medicine.

    “The local emergency department system works well for individual conditions that can be quickly diagnosed, approached for treatment, and transferred as needed,” says Kocher. “The proportion of inpatients is often Local hospital.. However, findings show that these important access points for care work well for patients serving patients, despite the often lack of resources such as peer institutions in metropolitan areas. Indicates that you are. ”

    Rural hospitals have significantly fewer patients than urban medical facilities. However, when researchers adjusted for the difference, Medicare patients seeking care in rural ERs had a potential mortality rate of 3.9%, compared to 4.1% in urban ERs. Visits to the local emergency department were also associated with significantly more transfers (6.2% vs. 2%) than in urban emergency departments.

    “Arrange for timely transfer of patients from rural areas hospital The COVID-19 pandemic can often be very difficult and even more difficult, “said Margaret Greenwood Ericssen, lead author of the paper and a graduate of the Michigan National Clinician Scholarship Program. The doctor of medicine says. “This is a process that local emergency departments rely on, but the structure is often very fragmented and requires complex adjustments. These findings show that, despite these challenges, local It further emphasizes how impressive it is that the hospital produced the same results. “

    For conditions associated with symptoms that did not lead to a particular diagnosis, the overall mortality rate in rural areas was higher than in urban systems. While unmeasured clinical or contextual factors can contribute to worse outcomes in symptom-based cases, the research team says more research and local analysis is needed.

    Last year, nearly 20 local hospitals closed or stopped providing inpatient care. As this trend continues, millions of Americans are at risk of losing valuable medical access within the local community. Note that this study has been shown to be valuable and life-saving, Kocher says.

    “This work demonstrates the crucial importance of the local emergency department,” he said. “There are ongoing conversations in policy circles discussing appropriate health care delivery models for local communities. These conversations focus on financially healthy solutions to the facility, but our findings. Shows that policy makers should equally focus on ensuring access to life-saving local emergencies. ”

    ER can improve the health of rural populations

    For more information:
    “Relationship between rural and critical access hospital status and patient outcomes after a Medicare beneficiary visit to the emergency department” JAMA network open (2021). DOI: 10.1001 / jamanetworkopen.2021.34980

    Quote: Local ER, despite the threat of closure, was acquired from https: // on November 19, 2021 (city hospital) Save lives at the same rate as (November 19, 2021). Similar .html

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    Rural ERs, despite threat of closure, save lives at similar rate as urban hospitals Source link Rural ERs, despite threat of closure, save lives at similar rate as urban hospitals

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