Rippling in the Pacific: How Boris Johnson’s Global Britain Has Became Fraud | Simon Tisdal


Life became a little more dangerous last week. It wasn’t due to a pandemic or climate crisis. It was entirely the result of the conscious choice of men (and most often men) preparing for the war.

Naturally, it is denied. Myopia politicians, soldiers and diplomats say they need new nuclear weapons, missiles, ships, submarines and alliances to thwart unnamed enemies. They are needed to strengthen “international security”.

So why do we feel that the world is a little less secure every day? This paradox is lost in two such political pygmy in Britain, Boris Johnson and Australia. Scott Morrison.. These two can be twins. Both have illusions about their importance. They think they are global players. In fact, they are global stupid.

In the American defeat to prevent China from being promoted to number one in the world, they dance to Joe Biden’s menacing songs. They’re like a pair of loose chorus singers that support the main turn. Both parties agree on this. If another war occurs, they want to participate.

Australia’s decision to build a fleet of nuclear submarines as part of it last week New Aukus Defense Pact between US and UK Honestly place on the sights in Beijing. Instead of strengthening security, it weakens it.

It makes Canberra dependent on the good grace of Washington. It infuriated friends in France and other Europe.And that A non-nuclear Pacific campaign backed by New Zealand and its regional allies has been pierced below the waterline..

As part of its military alliance with the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia will build nuclear submarines to replace traditional Collins-class submarines such as HMAS Rankin. Photo: Australian Defense Force / Getty Images

The agreement also talks about the volume of Western hypocrisy on nuclear proliferation. With the kindness of the United States, Australia will acquire sophisticated technology, off-the-shelf nuclear reactors fueled by enriched uranium, and the latest know-how.

This transfer Break international rules and crush anti-nuclear taboos.. It clearly opens the door to Australia’s nuclear weapons capabilities. Beijing, Xi Jinping President will find a painful way to fight back that is referred to as the interference to “the internal affairs of the region,” surely.

Western solidarity in the Indo-Pacific to counter China’s aggression has also been shattered. NS EU announced new regional strategy last week.. It supports “multi-faceted involvement” rather than a US-led arms race. What would the United States do if Iran suddenly decides to bypass its non-proliferation treaty and nuclear its military power? What does Israel do? They will go crazy. After screaming, you may shoot.

Johnson is good at shooting his feet. Britain’s credibility for non-proliferation was already at a loss.. We are expanding our stockpile of nuclear warheads by 40%. The government no longer excludes the first use of nuclear weapons.Britain soon, thanks to Johnson’s splitting complaints No home for Scottish-based nuclear submarines.. take care. He may move them to Adelaide.

Johnson believes that Australian wheezing has undertaken a tendency to enhance his “global Britain” fantasy and promote trade to the Indo-Pacific. In fact, his policies increase Britain’s vulnerability in less influential and poorly controlled areas, with little visible benefit.

NS Former Prime Minister Theresa May suggestsThe United Kingdom could be involved in a desperately unequipped China-Taiwan or Japan-China conflict, both military and economic.

He is Meet Biden in Washington this week, Johnson portrays the United Kingdom as a key partner in sharing global security responsibilities. Who is he cheating on? He is an embarrassing act of an elderly relative who is a little tipsy at a gorgeous party.

Fear of China is driving American policy. Another White House conference this week has more implications – Quad’s (US, India, Japan, Australia).. This refurbished alliance is an important component of Biden’s anti-Beijing barricade.

But it’s also an escalation.Fear of the United States, coupled with the belief that it can overtake it, drives it China, that too. Its rapid military buildup is one response. Each year, we launch more combatants than the total owned by the Royal Navy.

Xi also claims to support global security.Recent China and how to square it Discovered construction of hundreds of additional nuclear missile silos??

There are many hypocrites in Beijing as well. Chinese diplomats are currently pushing for a revival of denuclearization negotiations with Kim Jong Un. You don’t have to be a North Korean dictator to wonder about such explicit double standards.

Unstable Kim is endlessly beaten and punished for developing nuclear weapons.he Launched his latest cruise and ballistic missiles last week With a clumsy protest. Aukus may make him even more delusional.

In contrast, Iran claims that it has no nuclear weapons and does not want them. International talks to ensure that it keeps that word are in life support The threat of Israeli military action is barely obscured. How does Tehran’s newly established hardline leadership, surrounded by enemies, make this latest evidence of Western contempt for the principle of non-proliferation that it seems to cherish? That certainly doesn’t help.

Russia, the United States and the other great nuclear power plants in the world, continues to set a serious and bad example. Biden and Vladimirputin said in JuneStrategic security dialogue“. In fact, both countries are already enthusiastically upgrading and expanding their vast nuclear arsenal.

This resurrected competition will include new combat zones such as cyberspace, outer space and the Arctic Circle. The expired Arms Control Treaty remains expired. Hypersonic missile Today’s latest essentials Strangeloves..

In the past, fear of the atomic armageddon was sufficient to maintain peace. Only the madman will take it as an opportunity, said the old cold warrior. General Mark Milley, Commander-in-Chief of the United States, I was afraid that after Donald Trump was defeated in the election, he might have been crazy enough to do it. – What kind proves the point.

But as the new Cold War front becomes clearer and the potential for another global turmoil diminishes, the number of stupid men in power increases and seems angry enough to endanger it. Looks like.

The danger they pose increases day by day.

Rippling in the Pacific: How Boris Johnson’s Global Britain Has Became Fraud | Simon Tisdal

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