Rihanna Skipped Pants for a Date Night With A$AP Rocky


Rihanna has revealed that cold weather does not determine what she wears.

In late December she Purple mini skirt Despite the chilly air. Early January, She wore Fugu vest as the top. And on weekends, when the temperature in New York City fell below freezing, Multi hyphen billionaire I went to Manhattan on January 22nd with my boyfriend A $ AP Rocky in an oversized football jersey and trousers. And of course she looked great.

Rihanna paired a bright red with Martine Rose’s soccer jersey, which she wore as a dress and fell around the middle of her thighs on her latest date night with A $ AP. Balenciaga hoodie Black and blue Miu Miu gloves. The warmth of Rihanna’s arms and hands must have compensated for the lack of wear on her feet and feet due to the winter weather. Because in the case of shoes, she challenged the season with strapped heels with silver ankle straps.

To complete the outfit, Rihanna wore a black baseball cap with the letter R and large silver earrings to enhance her athletic look. She wore bold red lipstick and her cheeks were perfectly contoured. Meanwhile, Rihanna’s BF A $ AP Rocky was covered with a furry beige jacket, beige, dark pants, red gloves and boots.

Check out the full look below.

Robert Camau
The image may contain human and human Rihanna in a clothing jacket coat
Robert Camau

Rihanna Skipped Pants for a Date Night With A$AP Rocky Source link Rihanna Skipped Pants for a Date Night With A$AP Rocky

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