Researchers map neurons in the brain involved with social interactions with others in groups


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Meaningful social interactions are important to the well-being of individuals, and such interactions depend on people’s actions towards each other.In the study published in ChemistryResearchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have mapped neurons in the brain that allow monkeys to process and remember the interactions and behaviors of other monkeys and influence their own behavior. .. The findings may be used to develop treatment strategies for people with neuropsychiatric conditions.

There were three in the study Rhesus monkey Sit around the rotary table and take turns serving one of the other two monkeys with an apple slice. At the same time, researchers recorded the activity of individual neurons in a region of the brain known to play a role in social cognition called the dorsal prefrontal cortex (dmPFC).

During these interactions, the monkey reciprocated in the past offer of an apple slice and retaliated when it did not receive a slice from another slice.Researcher records identified different neurons in dmPFC that responded to other behaviors monkey In a group. A particular neuron was activated with a particular action and result of a particular individual in the group (for example, the monkey next to it providing a slice of apple leads to a rewarded result). Many neurons encoded information about past behavior as well as the behavior and outcomes of a particular individual. This information about past interactions with group members influences future decisions of animals to reciprocate or retaliate, and researchers use neuronal information to apple apples from certain monkeys, even before they are provided. I was able to predict which monkeys would receive the slices of.

“This finding suggests that dmPFC plays a role in strategic decisions. To test this idea, it interferes with normal activity in this area and is unlikely to reciprocate animals. I found it, “said the lead author, Dr. Raymundo Báez-Mendoza. .. , MGH Neurosurgery Researcher.

The results suggest that dmPFC plays an important role in mapping our behavior and outcome, as well as the behavior of others. “of Neuromental state If this ability is impaired, treatments aimed at directly or indirectly improving the function of this area of ​​the brain may improve people’s lives, “said senior author Dr. Ziv Williams. Stated.

Co-authors are Emma P. Mastrobattista and Amy J. Includes Wang and MD.

I don’t have what he has: brain and socially motivated behavior

For more information:
Raymundo Báez-Mendoza et al., Social agent identity cell in the prefrontal cortex of interacting groups of primates, Chemistry (2021). DOI: 10.1126 / science.abb4149..

Quote: Researchers are from the group (October 21, 2021) acquired from on October 21, 2021. Maps neurons in the brain that are involved in social interaction with humans. html

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Researchers map neurons in the brain involved with social interactions with others in groups Source link Researchers map neurons in the brain involved with social interactions with others in groups

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