Researchers develop breast cancer prediction tool for black women


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Given that black women in the United States are more likely to develop breast cancer earlier than white women on average and have a poorer prognosis, the lack of a tailored breast cancer risk prediction model for black women represents a significant gap. A relatively small number of black women enrolled in breast cancer epidemiological studies have hampered efforts to derive and test models for use in black women. Researchers at the Slone Epidemiology Center at Boston University are currently developing and evaluating a risk prediction model for breast cancer in black women in the United States for use in primary care environments.

“Because black women in the United States have a disproportionately high percentage. breast cancer Improving mortality and early detection of breast cancer in this population is especially important for young black women who have not yet reached the age at which mammography screening is usually initiated, “said Julie Palmer, director of the corresponding author BU’s Slone Epidemiology Center. Explained. Professor Karin Grunevaum of Cancer Research at Boston University School of Medicine.

Breast cancer risk prediction tools are used by clinicians to identify women who are at higher than average risk of breast cancer for early or more frequent screening by mammography and other modality.

Palmer and colleagues used epidemiological data from three case-control studies of black women in different parts of the United States to build a new risk prediction model. The model was then tested using 15-year follow-up data from 51,798 participants in the Boston University Black Women Health Survey. It turns out that the model is properly tuned. Discrimination accuracy, which reflects how well the model predicts individual women’s risk, is similar to the accuracy of the most frequently used questionnaire-based breast cancer risk prediction model for white women, women under the age of 40. Was perfect for.

According to the researchers, the model is easy to use and all the information you need can be obtained from the woman herself with a few simple questions. “This new tool for individually predicting breast cancer risk in black women can be easily used by primary care providers to guide screening recommendations and referrals. Genetic testing, Especially for young blacks womanThis leads to early diagnosis and lower mortality, “says Palmer.

These findings will be displayed online Journal of Clinical Oncology..

Black women have a three-fold increased risk of triple-negative breast cancer

For more information:
A validated risk prediction model for breast cancer in black women in the United States, Journal of Clinical Oncology (2021).

Quote: The researcher was a black woman obtained from on October 8, 2021 (October 8, 2021). We are developing a breast cancer prediction tool for

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