Republicans to Royal Family: Strip Meghan Markle of Her Titles NOW!


As former senior members of the British royal family enjoying a relatively private life in sunny Southern California, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in a unique situation.

Yes, their situation is Edward VII and his American bride Wallis SimpsonHowever, there are some important differences.

For one thing, the witnessed king and his wife settled in France and only talked to the press about harmless issues such as home decor, and the rest of their lives among some sort of gorgeous asylum seekers. Was embarrassed to live

On the contrary, Megan and Harry are very clear that they are not silent.

Megan Markle in a very large hat

unsightly The treatment they received during their stay in London Or the plight of the American working poor, the Duchess and Duchess of Sussex, clearly have no responsibility for speaking their hearts.

Earlier this week Megan wrote about his poor childhood In an open letter to Senate leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The purpose of this letter was to encourage lawmakers to support a bill that guarantees 12 weeks of paid family leave to working parents who have recently had children.

Megan Markle: Photo

The bill is popular with American voters, but Congress faces opposition from Republicans who want to limit spending.

Now, some members of the opposition are talking about what they feel is excessive interference from women who have lost contact with those who claim that their privileges support her.

“Mr. Markle’s recent interference with US politics claims why the royal family does not officially strip her and Harry’s title, especially because she pretends to be the Duchess of Sussex and sends it. Rekindles my heart’s doubts. “Representative Jason Smith, Republican Party Said This week’s Daily Mail.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry: Photo

“She laughed at her attempt to appeal to working-class families, remembering her days of eating in Sizzler, but her comment was that the passage of this massive tax and spending bill was the world’s elite. A working class claiming that she ate with her, “Smith, in Megan’s letter, at night He added with reference to a passage that recalled the family’s efforts to curb spending on the go.

“Meghan Markle has no incredible contact with Americans and needs to stick to acting rather than trying to act in politics.” Republican Rep. Lisa McClain chimed.

“The last thing we need now is that wealthy celebrities are pushing their liberal agenda on Americans.”

I ’m Megan Markle.

On the other side of the pond, British-based royal critic Angela Levin accused Megan of interfering with something that wasn’t her job.

“Meghan’s lobbying about giving Congress money on parental leave is clearly another step in trying to turn herself into a politician, but she’s using it. The letter paper is surprisingly “from the office of the Duchess of Sussex”, showing that she is unaware that she is talking to a Republican politician who won independence from the crown in 1776. “Levin told the email.

Ponytail Megan Markle

It is clearly an unpleasant and self-righteous statement, as the fact that the United States is no longer a British colony does not mean that the ideas and opinions of the British royal family are not important here.

(It is doubtful whether Levin relied on the same argument as the Queen, or whether Kate Middleton commented on part of American law.)

“The truth is that the parental leave bill is about to be confirmed, which could be hijacked by Megan’s belief that it was primarily due to her,” Levin added, somewhat pointlessly.

This is Markle!

“In addition, if she was writing a profession letter, be aware that the letter did not call her Lillivet, the Queen’s nickname on behalf of Archie and Lili-and say Harry, What the hell is it cozy and intimate? Poor Harry is finally here. “

Fortunately, not all British commentators were so bitter about their remarks.

“Using the $ 5 salad bar example and how she had to struggle in the past is linked to how so many families are struggling to pay their bills. “It’s an attempt to do it,” said royal journalist Richard Fitzwilliams.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry under an umbrella

Fitzwilliams also believes Megan may have a political desire, but feels it may not be so bad-her message to withdraw from the humble beginnings. If we could find a receptive audience among working class Americans.

“Aspiring politicians use this kind of example, but because she has a private education and her father was one of Hollywood’s top lighting directors, the audience she seeks is how she wants. I don’t know if she’s impressed with her explanation of what she had to struggle with, “he told the email.

“Meghan is where she is because she married the royal family. If she chooses politics, it’s fascinating to see how Americans see her.”

Megan deals with the crowd

Of course, if it ’s Megan NS Once in politics, it will be difficult for a candidate voter to separate her platform from her position as a member of the royal family of another country.

But if they can overcome that connection, they may find that Megan’s unique life story gives her a unique qualification to help others.

Republicans to Royal Family: Strip Meghan Markle of Her Titles NOW! Source link Republicans to Royal Family: Strip Meghan Markle of Her Titles NOW!

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