Republicans have blocked major voting rights bills. Are Democrats out of the options? | US Voting Rights


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Senate Republicans again on Wednesday Blocked Democrats Escalate one of the most important battles for the future of democracy in the United States by promoting drastic federal election law.

The bill did not move forward with a 49-51 party line vote (majority leader Chuck Schumer changed his vote at the last minute with a procedural operation that allowed him to raise it again. bottom). The state must automatically register voters when interacting with car agencies, provide two-week early voting, allow anyone to request mail voting, and ban harsh constituency manipulation. bottom. This is called gerrymandering.

No one was particularly surprised that the Republicans tried to block the bill. They have already blocked the bill twice this year.But the higher stake fight is what Democrats do next Filibuster, Senate rules that require 60 votes to proceed with most legislation. Republicans use this provision to prevent voting on the bill.

“What we saw Republican It’s not the way the Senate is supposed to work today, “Schumer said after the vote.

Democrats have called for filibuster removal, claiming that the rules once envisioned as a tool for compromise have been replaced by Republican filibusters.Now all eyes are two Democratic Party, Joe Manchin, West Virginia, and Kyrsten Cinema, Arizona, two of the most solid supporters of maintaining filibuster. If the Democrats lift the rules, they can move the voting rights bill by majority vote.

a few weeks ago, I wrote about Why I was optimistic that this vote could be a decisive turning point for Manchin. After the Republican Party blocked a broader voting rights bill earlier this year, Manchin reportedly worked to gain GOP support for the bill. Republican resistance in the face of these sincere efforts could urge Manchin to open up to changes in filibuster rules. I still think that if Manchin wasn’t willing to do anything to get it through, he wouldn’t have put too much effort into the modified measures.

Civil rights groups and other activists are also watching closely how Joe Biden reacts in the aftermath of another voting failure. The president strongly supports the voting rights law, but the White House has not explicitly approved the removal of filibuster.

Senator Democrats want to start discussing the freedom of voting law. Senate Democrats have worked hard to include traditional bipartisan provisions in the bill. But Senate Republicans, like previous voting bills, could even block discussions on the bill. “It’s not conscientious,” the president said in a statement Wednesday.

other than Simple comment Earlier this year, the White House also did not publicly pressure Manchin and Cinema on voting bills.Or Furious Some activists feel that the White House is not putting enough political power into promoting election legislation.

“You said the night you won, Black America had your back and you would have Black America’s back,” said Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights leader. Said At the voting rights rally in August. “Well, President, they are stabbing us from behind.”

What’s next?

The next few weeks will be some of the most important things for Democrats-and no one knows exactly what will happen. After the vote, Schumer and other Democrats suggested not to give up the election law immediately, implying that filibuster would be abolished if necessary. Schumer also promised to submit another bill to revive important provisions of the Voting Rights Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, for next week’s vote. That other filibuster would only increase pressure on Manchin and Cinema.

It is also worth noting whether the White House will increase public pressure on Manchin and Cinema after repeated filibusters.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, one of the bill’s main sponsors, said in a statement Wednesday that the Democratic Party would not give up on the bill, implying a change to filibuster.

“We will continue to fight. In a statement, Minnesota Democrats have revived the Senate so that the founders can work together in a way intended to address the challenges facing our democracy. Must be. “

If the Democratic Party can pass the bill, it will have immediate and concrete consequences. In Texas, Republicans are trying to implement a new parliamentary map filled with distorted district lines to establish party state dominance and slow the growth of minority voters over the next decade. is.invoice Contains regulations This allows the court to block the map if computer simulations show an unacceptable level of bias in two of the last four elections. Michael Lee, a constituency change expert at the Brennan Center for Justice, said the new Texas map would fail the bias test.

On Tuesday i I talked to Rafael Anchia, a Democrat from Texas House, sits on a panel tasked with redrawing the district lines. The night before, the Texas Parliament gave the map final approval, and Anchia worked until 3 am. He explained how frustrating it was to see a Republican colleague run through the map and gave the public little opportunity to give feedback on the plan.

“To be honest with you, it’s pretty depressing,” he told me. “The Senate has to act. They have to act because democracy demands it,” he added.

Reader’s question

Thank you to everyone who wrote the question last week.You can write me a letter or send me a DM every week at On twitter @srl I will try to answer as many as possible.

John writes: Is it time for the United States to adopt a clear system of appointing presidential candidates with the most popular votes?

In recent years, there have been increasing calls for the abolition of the Electoral College, especially after two presidents, George W. Bush in 2000 and Donald Trump in 2016, defeated the president but lost the electoral college. For me, it’s part of a broader perception of how certain rules and practices (filibuster, partisan gerrymandering) undermine the ideals of American democracy.

Prior to the 2024 elections, I would like to know how and how push will spread.There are some interesting bubbling efforts in some states to create a compact that states agree to award electors based on winners. Of popularity vote..

Republicans have blocked major voting rights bills. Are Democrats out of the options? | US Voting Rights

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