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    Republican State Senator looks back on comments on Nazi history at school | US Education

    Senator Indiana goes back to his statement that teachers must be impartial when discussing Nazism in the classroom after he has caused widespread backlash.

    Senate Bill 167 Banned at State Senate Commission Hearing Last Week “The concept of division”Republican Senator Scott Baldwin, who co-authored the bill, said teachers should remain open-minded when teaching classes on fascism and Nazism.

    “Marxism, Nazism, fascism … I have no problem with the educational system that provides guidance on the existence of those” principles “,” Baldwin said. Be fair. He goes on to say that the teacher “just provides the facts” and “I don’t know if it’s right for us to decide how the child should think. That’s what I’m trying to provide a guardrail.” I’m here. “

    Baldwin has since returned to his remarks. In an email to the Indianapolis Star last Thursday, he said his intention in the bill was to discuss and teach “legal political groups” and to ensure that teachers were fair when teaching. ..

    “When I was drafting this bill, my intention for’political affiliation’was to cover political parties within the legitimate American political system,” Baldwin said. Said.. “The committee comment said that we shouldn’t think more about the big picture and tell our children what to think about politics.”

    He went on to condemn the aforementioned idealism, saying, “Nazism, Marxism, and fascism are the filth of our world history and should be regarded as such, and properly expressed in my comments during the meeting. I couldn’t. I believe children should learn about these horrific events in history so that we don’t experience them again in humanity. “

    SB 167 was submitted in recent weeks in response to the fierce debate in Indiana and other countries over the past year on how schools teach children about racism, history and other subjects. ..

    The bill states that schools from kindergarten to 12th grade are essentially superior, inferior, or racist in “gender, race, ethnicity, religion, skin color, country of origin, or political affiliation.” It is forbidden to teach students to be racist, racist or oppressive. Teachers also feel “discomfort, guilt, distress, responsibility or other forms of psychological distress” to individuals with respect to pay for performance and the notion that it was created by one group to oppress another group. It is forbidden to let you.

    The bill also prohibits teachers and curriculum from teaching that Indiana and the United States were established as racial or sexist states or nations.

    In the Midwest Branch of the Defamation Prevention League Was criticized Baldwin’s apology argues that “it does not change the serious harm of using” fairness “or” neutrality “as a tool to detoxify history.”

    “This is part of an ongoing effort by some to rewrite history and somehow justify radicalism, racism and genocide. It’s dangerous and mean. It’s dangerous. It should be categorically, universally and loudly rejected, “the organization added.

    The incident occurs within three months of a school official in northern Texas Said Classrooms with books on the Holocaust must provide an “opposite” perspective.

    Republican State Senator looks back on comments on Nazi history at school | US Education

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