Remote Work Transformation Calls for Prioritizing Employee Tech Choices


The global remote work revolution triggered by the pandemic has accelerated and strengthened the need for enterprises to prioritize employee experience. This need includes offering high-tech equipment and consumer products from selected retailers through the “Choose Your Own Device” (CYOD) redemption program.

This is the view from two top suppliers of computers and other electronic devices. According to a Lenovo-Intel study, the majority of employees (72%) feel that employers need to focus more on listening to workers in order to clarify their technology needs. .. The answers are ranked in the top three things companies should do to improve their employees’ experience.

A Lenovo and Intel study, “You can significantly increase your bottom line by empowering your employees through technology,” is now a year old. However, companies still face the ongoing challenge of equipping remote employees with the technical tools they need to work productively away from the physical office, said Lenovo Vice President and Visual. Proposed by Stefan Engel, General Manager of Business.

TechNewsWorld talked with Engel sitting in Catbird’s seat to see how employers are responding to the reality of high-tech research about the impact of remote workers’ technical support needs.

TechNewsWorld: How is the change in meeting employees’ WFH priorities impacting companies?

Stephen Engel: The telecommuting revolution has given employees more control over their work technology devices than ever before. We have found that improving the employee experience is more important than previously expected, starting with the technology we provide to our employees.

Both IT departments and employees agree that satisfaction with their work technology has a direct impact on improving employee satisfaction.

With this change, monitor design has certainly become a center of communication, not just for PCs and laptops, but for mobile phones and game consoles, and basically any kind of visual experience that is fully realized. You can now interact with your device.

How widespread is the demand for telecommuting?

Engel: I saw it recently Gartner A study showing that about one in ten companies that were planning to reopen their offices in the third quarter of 2021 are now postponing the reopening date to one of the fourth quarters.

According to Lenovo’s own customer survey, 90% of companies plan to maintain a hybrid model with at least some employees in remote locations. Workers have been accustomed to flexibility over the last 19 months, demonstrating that they can remain productive regardless of location.

Its increased productivity brings a new level of screen time both day and night. The latest modular technology is the key to keeping employees happy with their technology options by enabling personalization.

Modular options include an ergonomic stand that lifts, tilts, rotates, and rotates, allowing workers to customize their home setup to suit their needs. Also, the user is “busy” in the conference call.

Is this WFH move driving new purchases, or is it simply moving equipment to workers’ locations?

Engel: According to the same survey conducted by Lenovo on Intel, 84% of employers are upgrading devices, software, and services as part of an employee engagement initiative to improve team engagement and satisfaction. increase.

The pandemic has made the setup for working with data and graphics more productive, with a great deal of emphasis on employees who use their home monitors to expand the screen area of ​​their laptops.

This led to a significant increase in PC monitor shipments in 2021. IDC And researchers in other industries. Monitor technology is evolving rapidly. Employers should consider a replacement after about three years to keep their work productive at a high level. Maintaining talent is also worthwhile, according to some employee satisfaction surveys.

What other technical concerns did the survey raise?

Engel: Half of the employees say they are dissatisfied with their PC hardware and software experience. It’s clear that technology helps drive employee productivity and engagement. This is done by video calling and the adoption of collaboration software.

Remote employee working on a notebook

Image credit: Lenovo

New up-to-date purchases, update cycles, and remote hardware and software integration could bridge these two groups and improve employee experience and satisfaction.

For example, an upgraded external monitor that supports high refresh rates and is connected to a PC can take advantage of HDR10’s enhanced color performance achieved by the latest Windows 11 OS experience. This is a day’s improvement in front of the screen.

How do remote employees affect data security?

Engel: When considering digital transformation solutions, data security and the sense that IT decision makers continue to manage employees who work primarily outside the office are paramount.

According to Verizon, malicious attacks targeting companies migrating critical functionality to the cloud are on the rise, and attempts are being made to exploit human vulnerabilities through phishing and ransomware.

In addition to security software, one way employers protect remote workers is to encourage them to use physical shutters when they are not using the camera to protect the privacy of their users.

A new feature that I really like is the presence detection sensor, which detects if there is a human in front of the monitor. If this is not the case, it will go to sleep mode, ensuring privacy from prying eyes and potentially reducing your home’s electricity bill.

What other options does the employer offer to remote staff?

Engel: Primarily as the second year of remote work approaches, employers encourage staff to design their home workspace smarter than before. You can easily switch between workstations and laptops with a single keyboard and mouse for a more intuitive user experience.

We’ve seen several models used to equip / update the workplace at home around the world. All of this is better than a company that keeps remote employees high and dry.

Here are some examples:

  • Completely free choice: The company will refund the employee in full. In many cases, there is a limit for each item.
  • Flat Refund: With this approach, users often choose a standard monitor that downplays important features such as natural low blue light in order to save money.
  • Priority list provided: The company provides a short list of approved monitors that employees can purchase to be eligible for a refund. This is a win-win for meeting the needs of employees while ensuring that the company considers the impact of a healthy work environment.
  • Equipment Delivery: The company makes a choice and ships the monitor to the employee’s home.

What equipment baseline does a remote worker need?

Engel: Routine remote collaboration requires customized technology that can improve video calls and large online meetings to meet the unique needs of businesses, individuals, or classrooms and make IT costs easier to manage.

Our user insights show advances in flexible modular technologies, such as enabling high-resolution cameras and improving device privacy and manageability. Users are also looking for monitors with high-performance displays, ergonomic features, one-cable docking solutions, easier video collaboration, smart software management applications, and embedded natural low blue light technology.

What are the priorities that ITDM wants for strategic IT integration?

Engel: IT decision makers can better improve employee engagement and business outcomes by realigning their investments, focusing on PC devices, and engaging employees in technology decisions.

Create employee investment in the company’s digital transformation. Listening to employee feedback will greatly help establish a hybrid security, software, and device framework for IT decision makers.

One of the current differences is that the responsibility for meeting rooms and collaboration spaces in offices and conference centers has shifted from managing facility management to IT with the influx of smarter technologies and high-tech devices. I think this will soon become the standard for most offices.

How can OEMs deal with this division of remote technology?

Engel: OEMs provide technology that not only helps employees recognize the new realities they face with remote work and helps them improve and maintain productivity at home, but also minimizes and organizes work from their home space. is needed. Organizations can improve the employee experience by giving them the flexibility to choose mobile and modular technologies that adapt to the way they work, regardless of where they work.

Do you have a final idea of ​​how telecommuting is changing your employer’s options?

Engel: I was impressed with one of the research points for IT decision makers. We also advise IT to prioritize technology investments that focus on employee needs, such as building a strong ecosystem of PC devices, data security, and exploring easy-to-use collaboration tools.

In large organizations, it is common for employee advocates to work behind the scenes so that the long-term health and well-being of employees is taken into account when purchasing equipment. However, this same level of compromise is less likely to occur for small businesses or when people are forced to buy their own equipment as part of a company’s redemption program.

I think it’s important for IT decision makers, employees, and managers to consider the issues just below the surface of all these connected devices. This is the emission of blue light from a digital display.

Companies are starting to ask the right questions on behalf of their employees, but more education is needed to make eye health part of a wider conversation when considering buying new equipment.

Remote Work Transformation Calls for Prioritizing Employee Tech Choices Source link Remote Work Transformation Calls for Prioritizing Employee Tech Choices

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