“Relieved and grateful”: Victims and others respond to Maxwell’s conviction | Ghislaine Maxwell


Manhattan Jury Trial to Find Ghislaine Maxwell The crime of sexual trafficking He left the victims of a former British social celebrity and her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein “relieved and grateful.”

Maxwell was convicted of five out of six charges for being involved in Epstein’s sexual abuse of a teenage girl. Prosecutors said Maxwell “preyed on vulnerable young girls, manipulated them, and served them to be sexually abused.”

“I am very relieved and grateful that the jury recognized Maxwell’s pattern of predatory behavior over the years and pleaded guilty to her,” said the victim, who testified at the trial. One, Annie Farmer, said. “She hurt far more women than some of us who had the opportunity to testify in court. This verdict brings comfort to everyone who needs it, and no one has the law. I hope to prove that it is not exceeded. “

Farmer, one of the four whistleblowers in this case and the only one to testify in her full name, Told the court Maxwell had a nude massage at Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch at the age of 16. She met Epstein through her sister Maria. She worked for him as an art painter.

“Annie and I are crying with joy !!!” Maria Farmer Said on twitter After the verdict is announced.

“I always remember this day,” said Virginia Juffre, another Epstein victim who accused Maxwell of being involved in the abuse.

“My soul has been anxious for justice for years, and today the jury gave me exactly that,” Giuffre said. twitter.. “I hope today is not the end, but another step towards the provision of justice. Maxwell did not act alone. Others must be held accountable. I. Believe they will be. “

Jeffrey Epstein’s victim, Center’s Virginia Juffre, expressed her relief in a verdict by Ghislaine Maxwell. Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Jufre sued Prince Andrew in a civil lawsuit, claiming he had sex with her three times when he was sexually trafficked by Epstein 20 years ago at the age of 17, Andrew denies violently.

BBC Maxwell “will never have a chance to rob anyone again,” said Teresa Helm, another Maxwell whistleblower.

She states: I am full of gratitude to all who have been brave, courageous, and driven by justice who have fought for this result.

“Ghislaine Maxwell will never have the opportunity to rob anyone of anything. She will live on the other side of freedom. Our survivors, we will be free.”

Damian Williams, Attorney for the Southern District new YorkWelcomed Maxwell’s verdict on “one of the worst crimes you can imagine that encourages and participates in sexual abuse of children.”

“The road to justice was too long, but it’s happening today. I want to celebrate the courage of the now-grown women who have stepped out of the shadows into court,” Williams said.

Dave Aromberg, a state lawyer in Palm Beach County, Florida, who had a mansion where Epstein abused a teenage girl, told CNN that Maxwell “gets what’s coming to her.”

Sigrid McCawley, who represents several victims, said the verdict held Maxwell accountable and provided justice.

“Today’s verdict is a huge victory not only for the brave women who testified in this case, but also for women around the world who have been hurt by the abominable behavior of Ghislaine Maxwell, whose young and tender lives have been compromised.” McCawley said.

Maxwell didn’t talk or see the jury when the verdict was read, journalist Julie Brown, who worked for years to expose Epstein’s crime, said on Twitter.

“When the verdict was read, Maxwell had a hard time standing, but said nothing.” Brown tweeted.. “60-year-old Maxwell seemed upset. She sipped a glass of water and then sat down in a chair. She didn’t shed tears.”

Maxwell faces up to 65 years in prison. At the end of Wednesday, Maxwell’s brother Kevin Maxwell said he believed that the family was standing beside her and that she would be proved in the course of the appeal. “We firmly believe in our sister’s innocence,” he said in a statement.

Bobby Sternheim, Maxwell’s chief counsel, said her team will appeal the verdict.

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“Relieved and grateful”: Victims and others respond to Maxwell’s conviction | Ghislaine Maxwell

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