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    Relief and reunion when the US finally lifts Covid’s travel ban | US News

    OOn November 8, the United States will ease restrictions to effectively suspend tourism and non-essential travel from 33 countries, including the United Kingdom, most of Europe and China. Limits separated family and loved ones, with thousands missing on birthdays and holidays, and in the case of British tennis star Emma Raducanu’s parents in the US Open final.

    This will allow all WHO-approved vaccinated visitors (including AstraZeneca) to visit the United States. Visitors with passports from countries where less than 10% of the country’s population is vaccinated are also allowed.

    According to Virgin Atlantic, bookings to the United States, primarily New York Soaring 600% since the announcement. Delta CEO Ed Bastian predicts a “travel onslaught” in November, potentially lining up at the airport. Hotel prices in New York have also returned to normal levels after the summer with lots of discounts.

    Tourism industry experts expect this surge to continue for some time. Tim Hentschel, co-founder and CEO of Hotel Planner, told The Guardian:..

    Donald Trump has somehow issued a travel ban since early 2020, issuing the first declaration to prevent most travelers from China from visiting the United States. The list of banned countries is expanding rapidly. Overland crossings from Mexico and Canada were also banned, but there were green card and some work visa exemptions.

    For many, the ban only exacerbated the victims of the pandemic, further isolating people as their families became ill and their lives wobbled at the edge of what they could manage.

    Prior to the pandemic, 26-year-old graphic designer Diana Jimenez, who lives in Tijuana, Mexico, crossed the border every few months, primarily to meet her sister and family in Wyoming.

    Canadian Chelsea Perry (left) and her husband Garrick Perry tell American friend Allison Galan in Blaine, Washington, on August 9 when the US-Canada border is opened to fully vaccinated Americans. meet. Canadians must wait until November 8 to enter the United States for non-essential trips. Photo: Jason Redmond / AFP / Getty Images

    She says the lack of visits was tough last year, especially when her father got sick from cancer. After the restrictions are lifted Jimenez plans to go on an expedition to visit her sister’s family. “We are only two of us and we are It’s really close, “said Jimenez. She really misses her sister, but what she actually sees is her niece: “She is 12 years old and is the love of my life. When she was a baby, I was cleaning her diapers,” says Jimenez.

    The couple was also divided by a travel ban. Georgia Samuel, an Australian citizen currently studying for a Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Southern California, has a boyfriend living near London. They last met in July when she moved to the United States, but will meet again on November 14th when he flies. “Samuel said. They have spent months trying to find a way around the ban. I felt that the ban had been extended for at least a few months and was revoked. Also, I was really relieved when it was announced that the ban would be lifted. “

    Travel concerns have led people to seek advice and frustrate online. At Reddit, the r / UStravelban forum is full of stories of people waiting to reunite with their loved ones.

    “Finally, I can meet my girlfriend two years later, so I can finally tie a knot after 12 years of courtship,” said one user. I have written During September.

    “I’m an American myself, but my longtime partner hasn’t missed my sister’s wedding and hasn’t seen her nephew yet, and I finally traveled to these lovely Americas without him. I had to quit. I’m excited to go home for Thanksgiving with my family this year! ” another..

    Most travelers are banned, but those who have the time and resources have some loopholes. The United States has allowed most vaccinated tourists from Canada and Mexico to travel by plane since the summer of 2021 (but not across borders). US Border Control – and across the US. It has brought amazing benefits to long-stay tourism in Mexico. Some resorts report a 50% increase in bookings Year-on-year comparison.

    A large procession is expected in San Isidro from Tijuana, Mexico to the United States.
    A large procession is expected in San Isidro from Tijuana, Mexico to the United States. Photo: Giller Moarias / AFP / Getty Images

    Even if the border is set to open, there are complex issues with crossing the border into the United States, especially for Mexicans.Traffic on Tijuana’s San Isidro border is deteriorating by the raging open-air market on the highway – at this point, this delays crossing It takes about an hour, but once the border is open to tourists, it is expected to take more than five hours due to unprecedented demand.

    On social media, the Spanish meme will ramp up on November 8th as a day to increase traffic so that Mexican tourists can go shopping at Ross Dress Forres, a popular department store in Southern California.

    Most European visitors can travel with an esta visa exemption, but most visitors from Mexico still need to apply for a tourist visa. “There is a group waiting for an appointment at the embassy, ​​and more than 50 families are waiting for the process to begin,” said a nurse working at Federacion Denayaritas Unidos, which connects distant families between the United States and Mexico. Heidi Visaron says.

    “This is a long wait,” says Vizaron, explaining that the family she is arranging for a reunion trip has already been rescheduled twice.

    Sometimes what happens during a wait is painful. “”Some fathers and mothers didn’t even have the opportunity to meet them again because they died in the process, “says Vizaron.

    Jimenez said he was excited to see his niece and sister again, but the rush to return to the United States would exacerbate the spread of the virus and eventually close the border again. I’m worried.

    “I’m a little worried that if many people go there, they’ll get sick again and shut down again,” she said.

    Relief and reunion when the US finally lifts Covid’s travel ban | US News

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