Reasons Intranets Are More Important Than Ever    


Begin by defining your communication goals. Your goals should be focused on creating value, such as selling more, reducing costs, developing new products and services, attracting and keeping employees, etc. You might need to conduct some research or hold focus groups to discover the benefits different departments are hoping to get from an enhanced AgilityPortal.

The next step is to make your team. The need for a cohesive, business-wide team that is cross-functional is essential. It’s best to have a balanced mix of the representatives of IT, Comms, and HR. Talk to your Intranet team and other key users to determine the reasons behind creating or re-designing your Intranet. Be sure that your goals and strategies are in line with the goals of your business. Utilize a template to guide your plan and record the project. This will allow you to clarify your ideas. Also, it will ensure that you have all the relevant details and ensure you and your team are on the right track.

Discuss what must be done

Find out the root of the issue and suggest solutions

Increase interest and encourage buy-in from all over the company.

Start by planning the first steps, and then decide how you’ll monitor and evaluate your progress.

Surveys for staff should be targeted at particular categories of employees like department heads and managers. They can be asked questions like “what specific business value does / could your department derive from an effective Intranet? “, “How might this be quantified?” For instance, the sales manager might claim the number of reliable proposals salespeople can create. This study will give you the necessary perspective to help you make your Best Intranet Software For Small Businesses more efficient and will assist you in quantifying the benefits of the new Intranet shortly.

Alongside quantitative study, an online discussion forum can be a great option to let staff participate in online discussion. It enables you to learn about the interests and dislikes of staff members regarding the Intranet and identify innovative ideas and possible solutions.

Utilize a discussion forum for employees’ platform that is easy to administer, user-friendly and affordable. A discussion forum for employees can help you set up an encrypted Best Intranet Software project group discussion for the team. This is particularly useful when scheduling meetings is a problem because team members are on busy schedules. Discussion forums for staff allow people from different centers to participate as a member of the team. The team of your cross-functional project can meet and discuss the status of particular elements of your project and share ideas whenever they come up.

Utilize an iterative approach

If your Intranet has begun to slow down, it is possible to seek out a major repair. It’s better, however, to determine the most critical areas that require improvement and devise minor but efficient fixes. A string of winning, small victories will be more efficient than waiting for a single massive and often tricky winning.

Don’t let your Intranet expand randomly. Start with a smaller initiative that produces a tangible and beneficial outcome. Be sure that it’s one you can deliver on. A quick and efficient victory early during the project will give you credibility and create an upward spiral of improvement.’

Report on your progress on each mini project’, modify your plan if needed, or even revise your entire approach if circumstances demand it.

It sounds fantastic? However, ask yourself if the amount of time spent online is an accurate indicator of the effectiveness of your Intranet? Utilizing the Intranet on its own is not an indicator of success. Instead, you must find a method to ensure that the use of the Intranet is equivalent to savings in time, money, and resources. It’s not just an intranet for each user’s advantage – it must serve the company as well.


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