Reasons for returning to “RHOBH” after trespassing


Regain her power! Dorit Chemsley Does not allow trauma around Her October 2021 home invasion Affect her time Beverly Hills real housewife..

45-year-old reality star talks exclusively We weekly Why she didn’t hesitate Taken back to her home for Season 12 — Notice that her “commitment” to the show has pushed her forward.

“If anything else, my kids woke up and saw it. [what happened] — God is forbidden — it was probably different and I wouldn’t go back to filming, ”she said. We Wednesday, January 12th, promoting partnership with Interactive Amazon Glow system. “They didn’t know anything. So I decided, you know, this is what I need to do and it will help me. Just stay at home and do this. Instead of being absorbed in it, I want to live as normal a life as possible. I wanted to continue my commitment to the show. “

Two children from Connecticut, Jaguar (7 years old) and Phoenix (5 years old), She faced three robbers last year.After a terrifying trial, he explained that it was a “normal day” for her little children. Fans will see some of the aftermath from the scary days of the next season of reality shows.

Dorit Kemsley. John Salangsang / Shutterstock

“I showed it all. What I was experiencing. I think we’ll see different stages this season,” Dorit explained. “It’s interesting to me to look back and remember when the show airs, and I think it will be. Treatment and catharsis In some way. “

Bravo’s personality is Silver lining to aggression — The fact that it brought her family and friends closer.

“First and foremost, I have received a great deal of support from my beloved husband. [Paul “PK” Kemsley]Who was my rock?He’s amazing, “she said We.. “I believe you know when you face these challenges, it really enhances your marriage. He is a very strong support system, so I am very grateful.”

Doritt added her Real housewives The co-star was “everything was great” And “very supportive” through her healing process. “They were by my side at first and I couldn’t thank them anymore,” she said. We.. “The overflow of love and support was truly amazing.”

Almost 3 months After facing an intruder October 27, Dorit said We She says “it’s okay” and “I only take one day at a time.”

Designers now call the case “very traumatic” and focus on personal “healing.” In retrospect, Dorit knows she was “very lucky to come out there” after the attack on her home.

“remaining [of my moving forward process] I put one foot in front of the other and take it every day, “she added Wednesday. “And respect yourself and your feelings [and] now [embracing] Changes within yourself that occur after a traumatic experience. I think the therapy was great. “

In addition to shooting for the new season RHOBH, Dorit has partnered with Amazon to promote interactive projectors and video calling devices. Amazon Glow..

“I am a very family friendly person. I have a very big family Unfortunately, most of them are out of state and my kids are very close to my grandparents, aunts and uncles. So one of my New Year’s determinations was to stay connected with the extended family while overcoming this pandemic. ” Founder of Beverly Beach Said We Of the product. “I recently purchased Amazon Glow and it really helped me to stay true to my New Year’s aspirations.”

Dorit said her kids also use interactive tools, “They taught me games and pop puzzles. We. [are] Draw together. They are always calling my dad.They are showing my dad [how to play].. … As you know, children [my] House [while] My dad is at his house and it feels like they are all in the same room together. And the kids are very ecstatic about it. “

Report by Christina Garibaldi

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Reasons for returning to “RHOBH” after trespassing

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