Racist comments by Raiders coach Jon Gruden draw NFL rebuke | Las Vegas Raiders


Report that Jon Gruden used racist comments NFL In an email 10 years ago, Players Association leader De Maurice Smith drew a strong and swift blame from the NFL on Friday.

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, Gruden worked for ESPN at the time, but now Las Vegas Raiders, Mentioned Smith’s facial features in a racist way.

“The email from John Gruden, who looks down on DeMaurice Smith, is horrifying, abominable, and completely contrary to NFL values,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy. “We condemn the statement and regret the harm that the publication could do to Mr Smith or anyone else.”

The league is investigating the issue, and someone familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press that Gruden could be disciplined. The details of the league survey have not been released, so he said on condition of anonymity.

Gruden’s comment in an email to Bruce Allen, then president of the Washington Football Team, came during the NFL’s 2011 player lockout. Gruden told the newspaper that he was angry with the lockout during labor negotiations and did not trust the union’s direction. He also apologized for the statement, the journal reported.

“Dumboris Smith has Michelin tire-sized lips,” Gruden wrote in a newspaper-reviewed email.

Raiders owner Mark Davis said in a statement that Gruden’s email did not reflect the team’s standards.

“The content of the email about De Maurice Smith from John Gruden, who worked for ESPN 10 years ago, isn’t what the Raiders represent, it’s a concern,” Davis said. “We noticed an email from a reporter late yesterday and are reviewing it along with other material provided by the NFL today. We are working on this issue with Gruden and have no further comments at this time.”

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Gruden was working at ESPN at the time and now mentions the facial features of Las Vegas Raiders coach and NFLPA head coach De Maurice Smith in a racist way. I did. Photo: Chris Carlson / AP

“The league was informed about the existence of an email that raised issues beyond the scope of its investigation,” McCarthy said during a review of an email about workplace fraud on the Washington Football Team completed during the summer. Added.

“For the past few months, at the direction of the commissioner,” Roger Goodell added. “Senior NFL executives reviewed more than 650,000 emails, including this one sent to club employees. Earlier this week, executives presented a summary of the review to the Commissioner, directed by Gruden. Sharing Raiders executive emails related to. “

Smith told the newspaper: “This isn’t the first racist comment I’ve heard, and probably not the last. This seems to have always been the case for many people who look like me and work for American companies. In addition, it is a job of thick skin for people with dark skin. “

Gruden defended his resume on racial equality and inclusion, acknowledging that his email was “overkill.”

Gruden led the Raiders until he was traded to Tampa Bay after the 1998-2001 season. He quickly led the Buccaneers to the title of the Super Bowl – against the Raiders.

He continued in Tampa until the 2008 season before being fired, after which he headed to the Monday Night Football booth.

Raiders then rehired Gruden in 2018 in Auckland 10-year $ 100 million contract.. The team moved to Las Vegas last year and hasn’t played off since his return. However, the Raiders are 3-1 in 2021.

Racist comments by Raiders coach Jon Gruden draw NFL rebuke | Las Vegas Raiders

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