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    Racial gap eliminated in US COVID vaccinations: survey

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    According to a highly quoted survey released on Tuesday, the racial gap in the US COVID vaccination campaign has closed, but the sectarian division continues to grow.

    The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) COVID Vaccine Monitor conducted a nationally representative telephone survey of 1,500 people, saying, “Currently, a similar proportion of adults are interracial and Ethnic group.. “

    More than 7 out of 10 adults (72%) reported receiving one or more doses to KFF researchers from September 13-22, provided by the then Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I roughly tracked the official numbers that were made.

    This included 71% of white adults, 70% of black adults, and 73% of Hispanic adults.

    The numbers contrast with the early days of inoculation drives, which had historical and current biases encountered by ethnic minorities. Health care It turned out to be hampering confidence in the approved COVID vaccine.

    KFF Research In April, 60% of white adults, 51% of black adults, and 47% of Hispanic adults reported receiving a single vaccination.

    Marcella Nunes-Smith, head of the White House’s COVID-19 Equity Task Force, told reporters at a briefing that this was “on these barriers, including vaccination drives at churches and hairdressers and partnerships with ride sharing.” It was the result of “intentional work to deal with.” Company.

    In addition, KFF results reflect other recent surveys on this topic, including the Pew survey of more than 10,000 adults and the CDC survey of 19,000 adults conducted earlier this month. She added.

    The three percentages are slightly different, but show the same results, with Hispanics leading, followed by black, then white.

    Political division

    According to the latest KFF survey, political parties remain a strong contributor to vaccination status, with 90% of Democrats receiving doses to only 58% of Republicans.

    Similar left-right divisions have been seen in other Western countries and may be related to libertarian devotion among Conservative voters, but the impact is increasing in the United States.

    Experts have provided several possible explanations, from former President Donald Trump’s failure to provide clear support to the anti-scientific sentiment rooted in the Republican Party in recent decades.

    Other predictors include insurance status. Despite the fact that the COVID vaccine is paid by the government and is free at the time of care, there is fear of a surprising bill detaining people without medical insurance.

    Rural populations, white evangelical Christians, and non-university degree people are well below the average immunization rate of any other group.

    The study also investigated some of the reasons newly vaccinated people gave to explain their decisions.

    39% said the “main” reason was an increase in cases due to delta variants, 38% reported from a local hospital full of COVID patients, and 36% knew who was seriously ill or died. I said there is. sick.

    Delta Variant convinced many to be vaccinated: polls

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