Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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    Putin vows to stop the “color revolution” after sending troops to Kazakhstan

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed that Moscow-led security forces will protect allies from the neighboring “color revolution” after sending troops to calm anxiety in Kazakhstan last week.

    He said Russia-led troops have secured important infrastructure to help “normalize the situation” and “restore the order of the country.”

    Putin’s remarks are his first public comment since the beginning of the turmoil, emphasizing Moscow’s willingness to support allies of the former Soviet nations in response to street protests by Russian leaders accusing external interference. did.

    “Of course, we understand that the events in Kazakhstan are not the first and far from the last attempt to interfere with our state’s internal affairs,” Putin said.

    He claimed that the protesters used “Maidan technology.” This is a reference to the 2014 uprising that defeated the pro-Russian president of Ukraine, citing other democratic movements that expelled the rulers of Moscow in Georgia, Ukraine and Kirghistan in the 2000s.

    “We do not allow anyone to destabilize the situation in our home, nor to carry out the so-called color revolution scenario,” Putin said.

    At least 164 people, including three children, were killed and about 8,000 were arrested in Kazakhstan, according to state officials.

    Protests began with peaceful demonstrations against rising fuel prices and long-standing rule of 81-year-old “national father” Nursultan Nazarbayev, who resigned as head of the security council in Kazakhstan when violence began. I did.

    The country has accused violence against “terrorists,” but has provided little evidence to support this claim, but said it has reached 20,000.

    Kazakhstan’s president, Kassym-Jomart Tokaev, described anxiety as an “attempted coup” coordinated by a “single center.”

    He will soon end a peacekeeping mission from the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization block, including 2,030 troops and 250 units of military equipment, and provide “additional evidence” of “terrorist” involvement. I swore.

    Putin praised Tokaev’s “courage” and expressed his conviction that Kazakhstan would soon “restore order.”

    Putin said that “destructive internal and external forces” used protests to deploy “apparently trained in overseas terrorist camps” and “a well-organized group of militants under their control.” Insisted. The protest urged the Kazakh government to resign last week.

    He said unnamed foreign troops made an excuse for a “terrorist attack” by organizing protests using the Internet and social media that Kazakhstan blocked for a long time last week.

    Putin vows to stop the “color revolution” after sending troops to Kazakhstan

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