Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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    Putin says Russia could deliver 10% more gas if Nord Stream 2 approved

    President Vladimir Putin said Russia could increase its gas supply to Europe as soon as Germany approved the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline, emphasizing Moscow’s conditions for resolving the continent’s energy crisis. ..

    Putin said Gazprom, Kremlin’s gas monopoly, could increase its flow rate by another 17.5 billion cubic meters “the day after tomorrow” through a new pipeline if regulators approve it “tomorrow.”

    Approximately 10% of the amount of gas Russia shipped to Europe and Turkey in 2020 is at record prices in Europe, even before the second line of pipes is fully filled in December. Provides a considerable additional supply at.

    However, while clearly believing that Russia has a stockpile of gas, it can also cause anger that it is shipping to Europe provided that Nord Stream 2 is approved.

    The United States and some Eastern European countries use Russia’s $ 10 billion pipeline to bypass Ukraine as a geopolitical weapon to increase the EU’s reliance on Moscow and traditionally supply Kiev’s transportation revenues. I want to sacrifice from.

    But Putin said that EU energy policy is “deceived by voters” and “non-experts”, and if we focus on “basic projects” such as Nord Stream 2 rather than spot market transactions, the world will be in the future. Said that the crisis could be avoided.

    Russia has faced growing criticism in recent weeks. It did not make additional supplies available to EuropeDespite a hint from Putin, he will act to cool the crisis.

    Critics have accused Russia of making additional sales of gas unavailable to European customers this year, beyond what was secured by long-term contracts. Gazprom has also lowered its own storage facilities in Europe to very low levels, increasing the risk of shortages in the cold winter months.

    The surge in energy bills in Europe is expected to be at the top of the agenda at the EU summit in Brussels on Thursday.

    Putin blamed the gas crisis for saying that the EU is a short-sighted attempt to switch from long-term contracts to spot markets and increase its share of renewables in the energy mix.

    As a result, Putin claims that liquefied natural gas producers in the United States and the Middle East have reduced supply to Europe, with a shortage of 70 billion cubic meters where the planned capacity of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline of 55 billion cubic meters could help solve the problem. Claimed to have produced.

    “When Europeans set the market principle, they were based on it being a high-end market, and it wasn’t — Gas went to Latin America and Asia,” he said. “What does it have to do with Russia? This is a handmade result of the European Commission’s economic policy.”

    Putin said Gazprom had already increased its supply to Europe by 11 billion cubic meters so far this year.

    Turkey, which Gazprom considers Europe, has more Russian gas than before the pandemic, according to industry analysts, but is a major Western European source traditionally supplied via Ukraine and Poland. Not in the market.

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