Protein in blood is sign of heart damage after surgery


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After being anesthetized and undergoing major surgery, 1 in 5 patients had elevated levels of the protein troponin in their blood. This can be a sign of heart damage. Researchers at Linköping University in Sweden analyzed pre- and post-surgery data from 1,300 patients.

This study focused on the leakage of the protein troponin into the blood. This is a biomarker contained in blood samples of patients with myocardial damage.This type of damage, in turn, is associated with Cardiovascular disease Or heart attack-major cardiovascular and cerebrovascular adverse events (MACCE). Increased troponin is also common in patients who have undergone major surgery. This has already been shown in an international VISION study of 22,000 patients.

“Patients may be discharged without experiencing symptoms. Signs of myocardial damage are only discovered later when measuring cardiac troponin in the blood. This was discovered in a Swedish study. We also added several factors. It was not part of the VISION study. Samples were taken before, during, and after surgery. Even a slight increase in troponin was a serious cardiovascular complication. It may indicate an increased risk of illness and death, “said Michelle Chew, an anesthetist at Linköping’s University Hospital. Professor at Linköping University.

Michelle Chu’s research team has worked with medical staff from seven Swedish hospitals. Overall, they tracked nearly 1,300 patients. These observations were made before major surgery, during the day of surgery, and finally three days after surgery.

“This was a major initiative involving doctors, research nurses and research assistants. Blood sample He then asked the patient if he was experiencing symptoms of complications such as cardiovascular problems. They took an electrocardiogram and made about 6000 visits with the patient, “said Henrik Anderson, a research engineer in the Ostergötland region associated with the Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at Linköping University. I am.

Researchers were able to see elevated postoperative troponin levels in some patients. They were also able to confirm the presence of a risk group of patients who had higher levels of troponin prior to surgery. An important secondary finding in the study is that many at-risk patients were anemic before surgery, that is, they had inadequate blood levels.

But there are still many questions that need to be answered — questions that researchers have already seen. For example, it is currently unclear what actually causes an increase in troponin. blood When receiving Major surgery.. However, this study still helps identify patients at risk.

“Measuring troponin levels both before and after surgery and carefully long-term monitoring of patients can help medical staff detect complications and intervene early,” says Michelle Chu.

“Identifying myocardial injury using the perioperative period Troponin Surveillance of Major Non-Cardiac Surgery and Net Income for Revised Cardiac Risk Index ”was published in an academic journal British Journal of Anesthesia Science.. Work is still ongoing, and researchers are tracking the patient’s symptoms and survival one year after surgery. The research group plans to do more tests in five years. They want to see if there are other biomarkers that affect development around surgery.

Studies have found that heart complications are high after orthopedic surgery in patients with heart disease

For more information:
Michelle S. Chew et al, Identifying and Revised Myocardial Injury Using Perioperative Troponin Surveillance in Major Non-Cardiac Surgery Net Benefits for Cardiac Risk Index, British Journal of Anesthesia Science (2021). DOI: 10.1016 / j.bja.2021.10.006

Quote: Protein in blood was obtained from https: // on December 14, 2021 (December 14, 2021) Signs of later heart damage

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