Protecting Abuse Victims Part I – The Brittany Booker Story – Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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RACINE – Brittany Booker was a mother of six, 30 years old. Her friends describe her as someone who will do anything for people near her.

“She does whatever it takes to give her children the best possible life,” said Buri, one of Brittany’s best friends.

Buri says she feels more confident and comfortable just because Brittany is around.

“She was probably one of the biggest feet in my life of help, just like my kids,” Bri said. “As today, I had my child sent home sick. Whenever I could call Brittany, she was there on the day I had to work. I would have missed the first day of my children’s school, she was there to take them to school. “

Buri and Brittany are both single mothers, and Buri says they have made their bond even closer.

“I think that was definitely the root of our connection,” Buri said. “I’m just a mother and a single woman, and I’m just there for each other to support each other.”

Not long ago, a friend of Brittany started dating a man named Terry Jackson. Buri says Terry was known to be abusive and she soon began beating this woman as well.

In the end, the abuse came to the point where Terry agreed not to call the police if Terry went to Illinois and did not come back. But just a week after he left, he returned to court on February 20.

Terry is said to have spent three hours abusing the woman in a car on her way from Illinois to Racine. A week later, Brittany Booker, along with his friend, moved his belongings from the house his friend shared with Terry.

However, Brittany and her friends allegedly waited for Terry without notice. Prosecutors say he attacked both women with a hammer claw and killed almost both women.

Two months after the attack, the Brittany family described her as alive for fear of her life. But she still had to take care of her children.

Brittany Booker was murdered on April 24, 2020. She was found in her car and was beaten and bleeding with a gunshot wound on her head.

Prosecutors immediately identified Terry Jackson as a suspect in Brittany’s death.

So why did the man want the man to be able to continue the attempted murder for two months? And what was done to protect Brittany after the attack?

Alex Crowe of WTMJ explores what happened to Brittany, shows the profile of the person responsible for helping hide Terry Jackson, and details the options available to abuse victims in this three-part series. ..

This is Part I – Brittany Booker Story

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