Prosecutor prosecuting Robert Durst over the death of his ex-wife | Robert Durst


New York prosecutor seeks prosecution against millionaire real estate heirs Robert Durst A person familiar with the matter said of the death of his ex-wife, Kathy Durst, who disappeared in 1982.

Westchester District Attorney Mimi Roca will file a proceeding with a grand jury next week or two weeks, according to sources who said on condition of anonymity. The grand jury process will take about a month, he said.

The disappearance of Kathy Durst was highlighted in HBO’s documentary The Jinx. The documentary seems to admit that Robert Durst, 78, killed a person.Last month the dust Convicted in California For the prosecutor’s murder of a close friend who allegedly helped cover up Kathy Durst’s murder.

The Westchester District Attorney’s Office said it had resumed investigations into Kathy Durst’s death. “I don’t respond to rumors,” said David Chesnov, Dust’s lawyer.

Robert Durst will be imprisoned in Los Angeles and sentenced to 14 October for the murder of Susan Berman. His first-class murder conviction sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole.

Dust is sick and frail. He sat in a wheelchair throughout the trial, spoke slowly, read lawyer questions from his tablet, and provided a raw transcription because he had difficulty hearing.

LA prosecutors say Dust shot Berman at home in December 2000 while Dust was preparing to talk to police about Kathy Dust’s involvement in death. She told her friend that she had provided Robert Durst with a fake alibi, the prosecutor said.

“He’s a self-euphoric psychopath. He had to kill his wife and keep killing him to hide it,” said Deputy District Attorney John Lewin after being convicted of Dust.

Kathy Durst was 29 years old when she disappeared on January 31, 1982. She and Robert Durst, then 38, have been married for nearly nine years and have lived in South Salem near the Connecticut border. Her body was never found. At the request of her family, she was declared legally dead in 2017.

Robert Durst insisted on police that he had put her on the train on the night of her disappearance. New York Citi had a drink with his neighbor and talked to Kathy Durst on the phone while staying in his Manhattan apartment. He said they were fighting. A few weeks earlier, Kathy Durst went to the hospital with a facial injury she said was caused by Robert Durst.

In the 2015 HBO documentary The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, he admitted that he “wanted to lose everything” so he met his neighbor and detailed about talking to Kathy on the phone. ..

He tweeted to himself with a live microphone after the filmmaker presented Durst with evidence related to Berman’s murder. “Of course, I killed them all.”

Robert Durst, who divorced Kathy Durst for abandonment in 1990, has never been charged with her disappearance. Authorities resumed the case in 1999, searching the lake and the couple’s home.

Dust fled to Galveston, Texas, where he was accused of killing his neighbor Morris Black. Dust chopped Black’s body and threw it into the sea. Dust claimed self-defense and was acquitted. He was convicted of destroying the evidence.

In his LA trial, Dust denied Kathy Dust’s murder. He said she thought she was “having fun somewhere” after her medical school called to report that she didn’t go to class.

“I couldn’t think of anything happening to her,” Dust testified. “It was more similar: what did Kathy do to Kathy?”

Prosecutor prosecuting Robert Durst over the death of his ex-wife | Robert Durst

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