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    Proposed maps would tint Nevada swing districts blue – Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-11-09 22:20:00 –

    Tuesday, November 9, 2021 | 7:20 pm

    Carson City — A new parliamentary district map introduced in Nevada on Tuesday suggests changes that could make the state’s two battlefield districts more democratic in the next decade.

    The map, which legislative leaders said will be introduced in a special session not yet scheduled, strips some of the state’s safest Democratic districts and past Democratic voters.

    The proposal could help the Democratic Party defend a majority of nine seats in the US House of Representatives and help parties reduce the amount of campaign finance they had previously poured into the highly competitive districts of the Las Vegas region.

    It expands Nevada’s rectangular First Parliamentary District. This is the blue sloping metropolitan area of ​​Las Vegas, where Congressman Dina Titus scored 28.4 percentage points last year. In exchange, some of the former territories will be incorporated into the state’s competitive Districts 3 and 4.

    Democrats and Republicans have won or lost these seats in the last decade, which can be one of the country’s most expensive and competitive contests. Democrats Steven Horsford and Susie Lee are both on the list of 70 Democrats targeted by the National Republican Parliamentary Commission in 2022.

    This proposal replaces part of southwestern Las Vegas in the Titus district with Henderson and Boulder City in the Leeds district. Horsford’s will reach further towards the center of Las Vegas in exchange for the Arizona Line area.

    The Democratic Party has an advantage of 1.9 percentage points in the Third Parliamentary District of Nevada and a 7.8 percentage point advantage in the Fourth Parliamentary District. There are hundreds of thousands of voters registered as independents on the battlefield.

    The proposed map relies on the approval of the Democratic-controlled parliament and Governor Steve Sisorak, expanding Democratic dominance over the Republican Party to 8.2 percent points in Nevada’s 3 wards and 13.4 percent points in the 4 wards of the state. I am.

    The map was jointly submitted to the legislature’s website by state legislature Democratic leaders on Tuesday, and Nevada has been plagued by other state legislatures during the constituency change, at least in public. It shows that you may not be able to face the kind of conflict between the legislatures.

    Parliamentary Speaker Jason Flyerson and Senate Leader Nicole Canizaro said in a joint statement, how the proposed map would bring together not only cities but also racial and ethnic communities. Diversification State has Rapid growth..

    “Reflecting the growing racial and ethnic diversity of Nevada, these maps protect and expand the voting power of African Americans and Hispanic Nevada, while at the same time over the next decade. We strive to increase opportunities to represent the emerging and growing (Asian-American and Pacific Islands) populations. “They said.


    Metz is a corps member of the Associated Press / Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America Is a non-profit national service program that places journalists in the local newsroom to report on unreported issues.

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