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The Competition to deploy 5G infrastructure Unleashed new uses in restaurants, hotels, homes, and even on the rooftops of hospitals and churches. These rooftops are rapidly becoming a major real estate target for telecommunications leaders aspiring to establish 5G technology in populated areas.

In fact, next-generation wireless deployments are positioned as one of the largest rental revenue allocators in the United States over the next five years, offering great opportunities for landlords and other business owners.

The Biden administration has made the expansion of the country’s 5G infrastructure a national priority. Marker for a $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package $ 65 billion Funding to extend broadband coverage to rural and poorly serviced communities.Despite its speed and power compared to other wireless technologies, the range of 5G is much shorter and up to About 1,500 feet.

5G technology is well suited for rooftop deployment of existing buildings due to the low antenna height of next-generation wireless networks.

In addition to major wireless communication providers, new entrants to 5G deployment races include traditional cable companies and big tech companies.Together, these companies are expected to make additional investments $ 275 billion Expand 5G macros and small cell sites. The only effective and efficient way to deploy the huge amount of deployment sites you need is to leverage your existing building. In other words, the solution for 5G racing is to adopt a rooftop deployment strategy.

Historically, the wireless market has been difficult to navigate for real estate and other business owners. Wireless carriers and tower companies have had long-term contracts in the past, which were often not in their favor for real estate owners.

In many communities, there is strong opposition to the construction of new towers, and the process of construction, zoning and permitting can be time consuming. However, 5G technology is well suited for rooftop deployment of existing buildings due to the low antenna height of next-generation wireless networks. Today, major institutional commercial real estate owners are in a better position than tower operators for carriers, providing faster and more efficient solutions to wireless real estate requirements.

The rooftop strategy provides a mutually beneficial solution for 5G carriers and real estate owners. Carriers have achieved their goal of deploying infrastructure in high-trafficking areas as soon as possible, and real estate owners enjoy the economic benefits of leasing rooftops and cashing existing buildings in new ways. To do.

The impact on real estate owners’ net operating income and potentially revenue generated over a 30-year rental period is significant and can increase access to capital. Landlords can not only collect payments in return for renting the rooftop to a carrier, but also provide better service to tenants with high-speed broadband connections.

What is at stake in a 5G deployment race

Deploying 5G infrastructure is critical to keeping the United States paced and internationally competitive. Sure, 5G has faster connections, increased capacity, and zero latency, but it’s primarily a range of business services, from expanding self-driving cars and telemedicine to improving manufacturing and agricultural efficiency and improving supply chain management. Is to promote innovation that enables us.

Considering all these benefits, 5G is $ 1.5 trillion against US GDP By 2025.

The Biden administration has also identified 5G technology and universal broadband as economic equalizers in the American countryside. According to policy statements, rural Americans are more than 10 times more likely to lack reliable Internet access than urban residents.

Under recently signed infrastructure legislation, the president and parliament have prioritized investment in local broadband infrastructure to fill the digital divide and expanded internet access to poor areas of these services. This emphasis allows landlords who own real estate in rural areas to benefit more from expanding their 5G infrastructure.

The road to establishing a powerful 5G network in the United States will be long. It doesn’t have to be a deterrent, but real estate owners affiliated with 5G providers and wireless carriers will also be informed about technology cybersecurity considerations when accommodating infrastructure and providing wireless networks to tenants. And you need to be aware.

recently Aon Survey Of the more than 2,300 risk managers and other executives, cyber risk ranks first in the world for current and foreseeable risks. Improved connectivity and 5G are the future. In short, the cybersecurity industry needs to continue to innovate and expand the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance defense.

I also saw the creation of the following organizations: Building cyber security We help provide guidance and frameworks to improve cybersecurity resilience in the real estate sector.

For real estate owners to effectively cash their roofs and participate in the competition for 5G, governments and private companies will continue to work with the rapid deployment of 5G infrastructure, including timely reviews of 5G installation requests. You need to work on it.

In addition, more work is needed at the state and local levels to improve the zoning and licensing process for the deployment of 5G antennas.Many legislatures are already Consider legislation To better handle and develop 5G strategies for their members, providing new opportunities for landlords.

While there is more policy and technical work to be done to promote competition for 5G, real estate owners’ revenue opportunities are immediate and concrete. For restaurant and hotel owners recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic slowdown, monetizing the rooftop can be the difference between closing a storefront and making a profit.

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