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    Proctor High School football player charged in fall sexual assault

    2022-01-14 17:51:01 –

    Duluth — Proctor High School students faced a felony sexual assault in an attack on their football teammates in early September, involving a close community and leading to the resignation of a longtime football coach.

    According to the St. Louis County law firm, a 17-year-old boy was charged with three criminal sexual acts on Friday at a juvenile court petition. Star Tribune usually does not appoint a boy charged with a crime. The prosecutor wants the case to be transferred to an adult court. This is a decision made by the judge after the accreditation hearing, usually within 30 days.

    The investigation, which began in mid-September following complaints of “student illegal activity” within the soccer team, Coach resignation, Derek Parend, and the cancellation of the football season.

    Proctor police completed A five-week survey in late October with a referral to a St. Louis County law firm. This week, he was charged more than two months later.

    According to Proctor police, a third party sent a lewd photo to a group of Procter soccer players on social media platform Snapchat over the weekend of Labor Day using the victim’s phone and Snapchat account. It prompted a response on the platform that the victim was “trying to get a plunger”. According to interviews with soccer players, the plunger was used regularly in combination with “class” locker room movements, such as touching other players with the edge of the rubber. None of those stories shared contained sexual assault.

    The petition states that the victim was in the changing room opposite the high school when he confronted the suspect in a plunger between 5 pm and 5:30 pm after the practice on September 7. He fled to the field thinking it was just another plunger joke and was chased by suspects and other players. Before the suspect stabbed him with the handle of a plunger, he was physically taken to the ground of his stomach by one or more of his still unidentified teammates, his pants pulled down and his skin exposed. .. The victim told authorities that his body was injured for a day and a half after the assault.

    Witnesses told police that they thought they were joking until the moment the suspect took off the victim’s pants, and many reported that they didn’t know who helped hold him down. After being attacked, the suspect threw a plunger at the victim and returned to the locker room saying “I did” and “I didn’t want to do it.”

    According to police, the security cameras weren’t working that day, and investigators couldn’t find any records of the assault or anyone who saw the records directly.

    “The investigation into this case was unnecessarily complicated by the vast amount of social media speculation surrounding the case, as investigators were forced to spend limited resources responding to social media rumors. It was late, “Kimmaki County lawyer said in a news release.

    The county law firm requested police for more information in early November and received it on January 5. No charges have been filed against others at this time, but the investigation is ongoing, the announcement said.

    The details of the allegations were not released by police or Proctor school officials because of privacy law and the involvement of the boy, but rumors about what happened were widespread on social media.

    Last fall, supporters gathered outside the high school with a sign appealing for the protection of children, and there were also parents and local people. Asked for an answerAsked if their child was safe at Proctor’s school and wondered what led to the alleged illegal activity labeled “serious” by school officials.

    Others have called on the entire football team and the town not to be judged by a few actions. In the meantime, the students continued their homecoming activities and rallyed over the success of other diversity sports throughout the fall months. Some have said they are struggling with the claims and scrutiny that surfaced in the hot news.

    Proctor Kyleah Jarvi said Friday that the prosecution felt appropriate and “necessary” given the allegations. She said this year was a tough year for students, especially in schools where many are involved with both victims and suspects.

    “It’s nervous and weird,” she said, with people who associate students with the case just because they came from Proctor.

    In the fall, Proctor’s school director John Engelking said the district would “take action against proven illegal activity” and address issues with the football program. Neither he nor Parend returned a message on Friday.

    If convicted, the suspect is sentenced to adulthood, and if there is no previous criminal record, the standard sentence for this offense is three to five years in prison.

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