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    Pro-Beijing media and politicians call for Cathay Pacific to be punished over Omicron

    Hong Kong’s Pro-Beijing press and politicians are calling for disciplinary action against Cathay Pacific after the crew violates quarantine rules and begins an outbreak of Omicron.

    Two newspapers related to the Chinese government published multiple news reports and commentary on Monday, stating that they needed to investigate their careers and criminally prosecute crew members who violated the rules of the coronavirus.

    “”[Cathay’s] Top management definitely needs to be explained. The government needs to consider how to take follow-up measures. ” Hong Kong’s only representative of the National People’s Congress, the Standing Committee of the Chinese Parliament, said Tam Yuchon. The airline refused to comment on the report and accusation.

    The airline is being scrutinized as Hong Kong officials are trying to contain a fallout from a large birthday party attended by senior officials and lawmakers this month. Two individuals who attended more than 200 parties initially tested positive for the coronavirus because of their embarrassment with the Hong Kong government.

    A call for action on the de facto flagship career of Chinese territory took place a few days after Carrie Lam, the city leader. Blame the airline Cathay’s management warned that they must be responsible for the actions of their staff.

    The airline’s largest shareholder is Swire Group, a Hong Kong conglomerate under British control dating back to the colonial has been Economically struggling with Hong Kong’s tough pandemic measures The city is pursuing a “zero covid” approach with mainland China.

    Cathay revealed last week that it was forced to reduce cargo capacity, reducing one of the only sources of income in the pandemic.

    “The central government clearly believes that Cathay Pacific needs to take some responsibility for this,” said John P. Burns, an emeritus professor of political administration at the University of Hong Kong.

    Cathay is operating at approximately 20 percent of its pre-pandemic cargo capacity this month after local governments have imposed a seven-day hotel quarantine on all cargo crew members because of Omicron’s risk. The cargo crew was previously exempt from quarantine.

    The airline’s passenger capacity is 2% of pre-pandemic levels and is expected to be further hit under the region’s latest passenger flight bans from eight countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Augustus Tan, CEO of Cathay, confirmed in a memo from an internal staff last week that the reduction in flights had a “significant impact.”

    Both pro-Beijing newspapers have accused Cathay’s crew of evading weeks of quarantine requirements through “loopholes” by jumping out on airliners and returning to empty airliners classified as airliners.

    Two people familiar with the operation of the airline told the Financial Times that the airline stopped practicing at the end of last month. A government spokesperson did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Cathay has previously rekindled in Beijing.The airline is Management changes rear Executives suggested not cracking down on staff political opinions During the 2019 opposition to democratization in Hong Kong.

    However, the relationship has improved until the recent outbreak of Omicron in Hong Kong, which has recorded less than 13,000 cases of coronavirus since the onset of the pandemic.Cathay Received historic government bailouts in 2020 To help cover that pandemic loss.

    Pro-Beijing media and politicians call for Cathay Pacific to be punished over Omicron Source link Pro-Beijing media and politicians call for Cathay Pacific to be punished over Omicron

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