Previous infection may not stop Omicron: South Africa


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According to top South African scientists, people infected with early variants of COVID appear to be unprotected from Omicron, although vaccination can prevent serious illness.

“We believe that previous infections do not provide protection from Omicron,” said Anne von Gottberg, an expert at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Early overview of newly emerging research Mutant, She said doctors are seeing “increased reinfection of Omicron.”

This trend was also seen in models that predicted these cases for the entire population, she said in a press conference with the World Health Organization’s Africa region.

“We believe that the number of cases will increase exponentially in all states of the country,” she said.

“But I still believe the vaccine will prevent serious illness,” she added.

“Vaccines have always worked hard to protect themselves from serious illness, hospitalization, and death.”

The new subspecies, first reported to WHO a week ago, has emerged across continents.

WHO experts have repeatedly called for a reconsideration of a travel ban on southern Africa, given that Omicron is currently reported in nearly 20 countries and its source remains unknown.

“South Africa and Botswana have detected variants. I don’t know where they are,” said expert Ambrose Talisna. “It’s just unfair to punish those who are detecting or reporting.”

In mid-November, South Africa reported about 300 cases a day. On Wednesday the country reported 8,561 new cases, up from 4,373 the day before and 2,273 on Monday.

New COVID cases in South Africa double in one day in Omicron

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