Preventing arthritis after ACL knee injuries


Regular training focused on strengthening joints and supporting older injuries is important for maintaining body function and preventing the symptoms of arthritis. Credits: La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research

Australians have the highest incidence of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) knee injury in the world, young Australians are at highest risk, and since 2000, knee surgery for people under the age of 25 has increased by 74%. Half of people who have had knee reconstruction develop knee arthritis in their 30s. This means a less active lifestyle, and even knee replacement is possible in middle age.

Dr. Brooke Patterson, a researcher at La Trove University, a former basketball player and AFLW soccer player, was driven by her own ACL damage to prevent this rise in inconvenience and help people continue to play sports longer. I am.

“Most people stop going to physiotherapy after about 6-12 months Knee surgery, But it’s premature. According to our research, about one-third of people still feel pain and restricted movement after a year, “says Brooke. Injury prevention.. “

The knees Is one of the most complex joints in the body, and the ACL is like a rope connecting the tibia and femur. Although only 3 cm long, it stabilizes the knee with the help of muscles. ACL injuries accelerate the development of osteoarthritis because the injury changes the way the knee works and the trauma affects cartilage and other knee tissues.

Researchers have designed an exercise program focused on Lower limbsBy doing it at home or in the gym three times a week, we built knee strength with heavy leg weights, jumps, and agility exercises. It was supported by education on injury prevention and the risk of arthritis.

“Exercise and education are how we treat them. senior citizen Although suffering from arthritis, researchers have never asked if a similar intervention would work for adolescents. Almost everyone who completed the new program said it was less painful and had a higher quality of life.

This study demonstrates the importance of strength and functional goals focused on long-term rehabilitation rather than physiotherapy performed to a set timeline. Randall Cooper, a former physiotherapist at the Hawthorn Football Club and author of the Melbourne ACL Rehab Guide, states that you don’t have to be an athlete to understand the benefits of regular strength training.

“Weekend warriors need to think about strength and conditioning just like elite soccer players, especially after being injured,” says Randall. “Regular training focused on strengthening joints and supporting older injuries is important for maintaining body function and preventing the symptoms of arthritis.”

The first phase of the study was a small proof-of-concept study of 27 people with persistent knee symptoms after surgery. The research team is currently looking forward to a large exam.

For knee injuries, surgery may not be the best option

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