‘Pretty Little Liars Reboot’: Everything We Know So Far


and July 2021 deadline articleWas announced CAOS Alum’s Lisa Soper will oversee the first two episodes.

When will it be broadcast? It’s still unknown, but on September 24, 2020, variety report Big news original sin Picked up by HBO Max. gossip Girl revival.All episodes of PLL Currently streaming on the platform.

July 2, 2021 Deadline reported The production will begin at the Up River Studios in New York before the end of the summer.

plot: according to variety, The new series is set today, “20 years after a series of tragic events almost tore the blue-collar town of Millwood.” The series seems to be centered around “heterogeneous teenage girls who have been afflicted by unknown perpetrators and have been paid for the secret sins committed by their parents 20 years ago.”

“Robert and Lindsay pretty little Liars Murders, mysteries, a universe of increasing scandals, and we can’t wait, “said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content for HBO Max, in a statement. variety. The new series will take place in the same “universe” as the original series, but with horror. CAOS..

cast: Deadline has announced the first two actors set to star in the next reboot. Chandler Kinney ((((Zombie 2, Lethal Weapon) When Maia Refico ((((Ebita, Curry mashup) According to the announcement shared by Aguirre-Sacasa on Instagram, it will be our lead.

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Kinney plays Tabby, a “hidden secret” and “ambitious director and horror movie fan.” Meanwhile, Refico will play Noah. “After spending the summer at the Juvenile Training School, an avid, enthusiastic track star working hard to get her life back to normal.”

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