Postop anxiety during care transitions reduced with peer mentoring


(HealthDay)-The mentoring program helps improve patients’ hospital-to-home migration by reducing post-transplant postoperative anxiety, according to a study published online on January 17. .. Operation management journal..

Yeojun Chun and colleagues at The Ohio State University in Columbus evaluated a standardized peer mentoring program in which ex-patients guide current patients for 30 days after discharge.They registered 80 people Transplant patient Randomly assigned to either mentoring or regular care.

Researchers found that patients in the treatment group experienced a significant reduction of 3.42 points. anxiety Score over 30 days. Unexpectedly, patients in the treatment group were 12.6 times more at risk of readmission in the first 30 days. Researchers suggested that this finding was due to patients reporting complications earlier and receiving treatment earlier.

“Patients and ex-patients can and should be valuable co-creators in the transition of the care process,” the co-author said in a statement. “Especially nurses, doctors and social workers are already overworked, so these are important resources for managing care. Hospitals can benefit from a structured approach to pairing. .. Patience With a mentor to help navigate the first few months of postoperative anxiety. ”

“Patient activation” may improve quality of life for people with kidney disease

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