Politics aside, Colin Powell was an American black man | Colin Powell


NSPerhaps the most obvious analogy of blackness is in the first section of a standard obituary. Most of these life synopses follow a simple template, where the first paragraph spells out the naked facts. This person was born. This person has lived for the last few years. This person is no longer alive.

The second paragraph usually summarizes the person’s most notable achievements, good or bad. Ronald Reagan He ended the Cold War with the second stanza of his posthumous poem. Founder of Fox News Roger Ailes The obituary states that he turned the American president into a television show and eventually produced Donald Trump.But before the former Secretary of State Colin Powell Obituary Pointing out that he resigned as “one of America’s least successful diplomats,” a fragment of a sentence explains why a four-star general was so much appreciated by many in life and death. Explains.Buried in the first paragraph is why the man who played an essential role in perpetuating the lies that led to the devastating war was praised by black progressives: Hakeem Jeffries When Karen Bass, Who opposed what Powell actually did.

“Colin Powell, who died of Covid-19 complications at the age of 84, rose higher in public office than any previous black American.”

Being black in the United States is a complex and subtractive thing that is less defined than those who aren’t, depending on who they are. Colin Powell was more than just a general. He wasn’t just in the fourth line of America’s tallest political office. He wasn’t just a diplomat or a soldier, he wasn’t even a dead man who lived and did things. Before he became one of them As mentioned By some The most prominent news agency On the planet in the first paragraph of his obituary, Powell was an American black man.

While Powell symbolizes the abominable behavior of an abominable regime, it is not difficult to understand that he is considered a respectable and honorable man in death. He is a war-torn nationalist and a symbol of American courage. For black Americans, the two seemingly contradictory features are not mutually exclusive. He is both, neither.

Being African-American creates a sense of mutual knowledge among those whose existence is defined by the first paragraph of their lives. We are not necessarily willing to forgive people for past sins just because we share the same skin color. Still, we can understand the implications of navigating a system built with the intention of erasing our people who share the same ancestral heritage. Perhaps the collective benefit of this suspicion that non-white people gracefully spread to each other is the only privilege that blacks give. It is not something we forgive or forget. We just understand.

One of the greatest thinkers in American history, WEB Dubois calls this community tendency “double consciousness.” This is the result of being both American and black, and they are two separate things. In a sense, Powell’s life can be seen as a manifestation of this unique phenomenon, described by Dubois as “two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled efforts.” There are two fighting ideals in one dark body, and its stubborn strength alone prevents it from collapsing. “

Born into a working-class Jamaican immigrant, Powell paved the way for full citizenship, which was not available to most African Americans when he began his military career with the US Army.Powell was charged with an investigation long before he became the face of the George W. Bush administration’s efforts to use false evidence to promote the Iraq War. Sonmi village massacre, When U.S. troops marched into Songmaizhen village in Vietnam and were brutally slaughtered in the meantime 347 and 504 civilians In 4 hours on March 16, 1968.Powell Wrong conclusion “The relationship between American soldiers and Vietnamese is wonderful.” A year later, the Military Commission later decided that the unit’s leadership had destroyed evidence concealing their involvement in the slaughter of their comrades. Powell has never been particularly involved, but journalist David Cone states that Powell was “part of an institution (and department) that sought to hide the story of the Song Mi village massacre.”

Colin Powell played a role as a national security adviser at Ronald Reagan in December 1988. Photo: Barry Thumma / AP

This means that it is the gear of an American machine. At all levels, whether Powell, who leads one of the most powerful murder squads on the planet, or Barack Obama, the supreme commander of the country where flying murder robots kill and destroy at weddings in Afghanistan. Elevating excellence and power is a “part of the facility” that seeks to hide its already blood-stained hands. And if you are black, the journey from relative ambiguity to importance is also a commendable and remarkable achievement.

For anyone other than Bush, Powell’s promotion from a mediocre C-average student to the highest officer and best diplomat in the United States is an impressive achievement. For a first-generation black American, it’s like winning a lottery while being struck by lightning … twice. Success with a system specially designed to limit black progress requires some degree of self-sacrifice and silence that is almost impossible to explain. Imagine what it would be like to bite a tiny sliver on your tongue. Imagine what it’s like to chew chunks every day now.

OK, it may not be so impossible to explain.

This paralyzing reality is common to many African-Americans who have had some success. The collective black respect that the general enjoyed also served as a shield to protect Powell from criticism throughout his career. It’s hard for anyone to criticize one of the country’s most popular politicians, even for black Congressional executives. But this dichotomy misconception also fueled a conservative delusion that Powell’s blackness alone made him a viable Republican candidate.

Powell’s political ideology did not love him for blacks. For example, as the 1992 presidential election approached, the Republicans considered replacing the then Vice President. Powell and Dan Quayle..The idea was quickly resolved Polling data showed Powell’s high black approval rate did not allow African Americans to switch political parties to vote for black men.Republican Party Candidate Politician Powell Actually More popular among white voters.. The blacks liked and respected Powell, but we didn’t intend to vote for him.

Unlike their white counterparts, most African Americans never agreed with Powell’s war strategy.Black voters Overwhelmingly disapproved While most white voters first supported it, the invasion of Iraq before and during the war. Still, when nearly three-quarters of Americans said they were worried about Iraq in 2004, Powell’s approval never diminished..of 2008, his approval rating It was 20 points higher than Kanye West and Tiger Woods. But it wasn’t Powell’s politician, Powell Secretary, or General Powell who got all the support in the black community. It was a black man from South Bronx who married a black woman, supported the first black president, and rejected the latest anti-black president, who was considered an honorable and respected person.

And none of that praise was despite Powell’s collusion with the corrupt Bush administration. In most cases, Powell worshipers still criticized the policy of the new national neoconservative Cabal, which he served and supported. But black people also know that throughout American history, there were no black men, or even Barack Obama, who had one-sided authority to initiate international conflicts. Because they are black, they are as laughable as the cause of American geopolitical failure blaming Megan Thee Stallion’s global warming for pushing her “hot girl’s summer”, so they are scapegoats. I know Colin Powell.

For clarity, Powell has not been accused of casualties, atrocities and oppression under his leadership. He chose to be part of the American machine and deliberately headed towards the steering wheel. He deserves all the negative syllables in the second paragraph. In a country where the entire existence of the black imagination is somewhere between the chalk contour and the swallower of a very clear tongue fragment, Colin Powell is a goat and a goat at the same time. He is both. He is neither.

The oxymoron meaning of being black in the United States can be summarized in two fragments of these two paragraphs.

Colin Powell was “one of America’s most unsuccessful diplomats.”

Colin Powell also “raised higher in public office than any previous black American.”

And somewhere between its sober nadir and its spectacularly unlikely zenith, there are all black men or women who have ever lived and breathed.

Politics aside, Colin Powell was an American black man | Colin Powell

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