Police have accused the death of an Auckland man who portrayed a comparison with George Floyd.California


A family of Oakland men who died after police detained him filed a lawsuit on Friday, and police officers in conflict choked him during a confrontation depicting a comparison between protest and death. George Floyd..

The proceedings quote a report released last week by the Alameda County Prosecutor’s Office, which stated that the death of Mario Gonzalez on April 19 was a murder.

According to the report, Gonzales died of “toxic effects of methamphetamine,” but his struggle and “physiological stress” from police detention contributed to his death along with alcoholism and obesity.

Police officers responded to the park by confirming reports that 26-year-old Gonzales was behaving strangely and appeared to have removed security tags from alcohol bottles in two drugstore baskets.

His brother, Jerry Gonzalez, told The Associated Press that Gonzalez likes to go to nearby Alameda, away from the neighborhood of East Auckland, where gangster shooting, robbery and murder are common. Streets and many parks.

Gonzales died after three police officers and a private parking executive fixed him face down for more than five minutes, according to a body camera video released by police.

His death happened the day before the Minneapolis jury found it. Former police officer Derek Chauvin Convicted of murder at Floyd’s death in May 2020. Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes. The incident caused a massive flood of police atrocities and protests against racial justice.

In a statement released after the coroner’s report was released, Alameda police chief Nishant Joshi said the police officers involved remained on leave and their authority was suspended.

Joshi said he is working on “full transparency and accountability for Mr Gonzalez’s tragic death.”

The proceedings were filed in federal court on behalf of Gonzales’ five-year-old son Mario Jr., who appointed the city of Alameda, a former interim police chief and three police officers. It claims deadly power, negligence and the illegal use of civil rights infringement.

The proceedings allege that police improperly escalated the conflict with Gonzales. Gonzales appeared to be “confused and confused,” but did not threaten him. He also claims that police ignored the signs that Gonzales was dying and used improper restraints that suffocated him.

“I desperately twisted myself to get out of breath, but I didn’t attack, intimidate, or violently resist the officer,” Gonzales said in the proceedings.

“Mario was a peaceful and calm person,” Mario Jr.’s mother, Andrea Cortes, said in a statement released by the lawyer who filed the proceedings. “He worshiped our son and was a good father,” she said, and should have known that adding officers would use better tactics.

“He didn’t hurt anyone, and he was clearly confused,” Cortez said. “If they were lying down when the chief officer said, my son’s father might still be here.”

A law firm in the Alameda County district investigating Gonzales’ death did not immediately return an email asking for comment.

“We look forward to the opportunity to prove in federal court that their actions during this encounter are rational, necessary and legal,” said Alison Berry Wilkinson, an attorney-at-law. ..

“This was an unintentional and unexpected tragic death,” she said in an email, using “only trained and accepted law enforcement techniques.”

“As the coroner pointed out, the cause of death was drug toxicity, and many of the injured in the complaint were not trying to handcuff Gonzales, but to save Gonzales’ life. It was the result of the active efforts of the officers. “

Police have accused the death of an Auckland man who portrayed a comparison with George Floyd.California

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